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In November 2018, WebJunction will host a four-week online training program preparing up to 100 library staff to be facilitators who will guide their peers through the Supercharged Storytimes self-paced course. This training program is a part of WebJunction's updated Supercharged Storytimes for All project.

You know how important storytimes are for children’s early literacy. You can help your storytime provider peers take it to the next level by becoming a Supercharged Storytimes facilitator. Learn how to lead a group of your staff, peers, or volunteers through the newly updated and expanded Supercharged Storytimes self-paced course. Supercharged Storytimes is a research-based program that helps storytime providers enhance children’s early literacy development through intentional emphasis on key early literacy concepts that promote learning.

The Value of Learning Groups

Supercharged Storytimes will soon be available as a self-paced course so you may wonder, why lead a learning group or cohort on the same content? There are many advantages to working through course material with a group of your colleagues. Peer learners:

  • Keep each other motivated and on track
  • Share ideas and insights, answer each other’s questions, and reflect together on their progress
  • Expose each other to new perspectives and solutions
  • Form bonds and feel like a community, which heightens learning readiness
  • Boost each other’s confidence and support planning, delivery, and assessment of storytimes
  • Help set achievable and attainable goals together, connecting learning to practice

The Important Role of a Facilitator

Learning Groups are most effective when someone assumes leadership for guiding the group through the structure and pace of the course material. A smart facilitator helps group members connect with the course content and with each other to enhance individual learning.

You don’t need to be familiar with the Supercharged Storytimes course or be a storytimes practitioner to become a facilitator. This course is great for training coordinators, librarians looking to become leaders in their libraries, or storytime providers excited about working with others to learn the Supercharged philosophy.

Registration is now closed for Facilitator Training.

What will participants learn?

As a result of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how a cohort functions and the value of a cohort for learning
  • Identify and produce the support and structure to lead a learning cohort in an organization, region, or network
  • Recruit learners to join and convince them of the value of the cohort opportunity
  • Acquire best practices, skills, and strategies for facilitating learning groups on any topic
  • Acquire basic familiarity with the Supercharged Storytimes content to be able to manage cohort time and expectations
  • Apply facilitation practices to guide a group through the self-paced Supercharged Storytimes course
  • Foster and support a sustained peer community around a topic of learning

What are the expectations of participants?

  • Attend three, live online sessions (November 6, 13, and 27, 2:00-3:30 EST). 
  • Participate in online discussions and additional assignments in between sessions. 
  • Apply facilitation skills to at least one group (minimum of five participants) of Supercharged Storytimes learners in 2019, preferably in winter/spring.
  • Ask the members of your cohort to complete an evaluation survey about their experience in the course.
  • Participate in evaluation activities such as an end of course survey

What is the overall time commitment for the facilitator training?

Learners can expect to spend an average of two hours each week outside of the 90-minute sessions for the facilitator training.  

What is the overall time commitment for facilitating the self-paced course with a cohort?

To plan for the time needed to facilitate the self-paced course, note that the course is comprised of six modules. Working through the course involves watching a total of six hours of video recordings (approximately 1 hour per module) and doing the applied learning on each topic, which can often be combined with storytime preparation and delivery that library staff are already doing. However, it is optimal to allow two weeks in between modules for the applied learning. It’s important to allow room for the Supercharged Storytime cycle of planning/delivery/reflection for the most effective group learning experience. Please anticipate a span of about 10 weeks for your cohort to complete the course.

Who is a good fit for this training?

This training targets a range of people. You might be a storytime practitioner who is interested in developing leadership skills by guiding other providers. Perhaps you are a training coordinator who sees this as a great way to provide some excellent professional development and build connections among your staff. Maybe you are looking for professional connections with other storytime providers who may be scattered geographically. Taking this course is a supportive way to challenge yourself and learn new leadership skills.

Who would I invite to join my group of learners?

Learning groups can be composed in a variety of ways. Think of people in your network who could benefit from the Supercharged Storytimes course and who would enjoy learning together. It might be all the storytime practitioners in your system or at your branch. It could be colleagues in your region, or perhaps storytime practitioners you’ve met at conferences or through education channels who are now scattered geographically.

How do I apply?

  • This facilitator training course is free to all library staff, but space is limited. 
  • Registration for Facilitator Training closed on October 19, 2018, 5:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm EST. Applicants will be informed of their status by October 26.
  • Additional questions? Please contact Brooke Doyle (, Project Coordinator, Supercharged Storytimes for All.

Will I be qualified to be a Supercharged Storytimes trainer after completing the Facilitator Training?

No. The Facilitator Training will focus on facilitation skills, and participants will gain a familiarity with the Supercharged Storytimes content but not be trained on it. Instead, the facilitation training will focus on how to maximize group learning, the value of group learning, best practices in facilitating learning in a group, and fostering and supporting a sustained peer community. 

Can I tell others about this opportunity?

Please and thank you! You can direct them to this page or download and print this Facilitator Training Information sheet (PDF) and share with your channels locally, regionally or throughout your state.

This project is funded in part by OCLC and by the Institute of Museum and Library Services [grant number RE-95-17-0085-17] and made possible through collaboration with Project Outcome and the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading.