Request for Proposal: Instructional Design Agency

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OCLC seeks a full-service instructional design agency with instructional designers and multimedia producers to design and create self-paced continuing education course(s) and supplemental materials. 


With the support from a federal grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, OCLC will produce up to two, one-hour, on-demand, self-paced courses in Articulate Storyline on a topic such as customer service/communication skills in challenging operational circumstances and/or creating a new program or service for a public library.

The target audience for the courses will be the staff of cultural heritage institutions, including libraries, archives, and museums. The courses will be made broadly accessible through WebJunction’s free Course Catalog.

Examples of recently developed courses that are similar to what is requested through this RFP:

Organizational summary

Founded in 1967, OCLC is a global library organization that provides shared technology services, original research and community programs for its membership and the library community at large. We are librarians, technologists, researchers, pioneers, leaders and learners. With thousands of library members in more than 100 countries, we come together as OCLC to make information more accessible and more useful.

Project goals 

By successfully completing this project, the vendor will:

  • Collaborate with the OCLC project team and consult with subject matter experts (SMEs) selected by OCLC to produce a one-hour, on-demand, self-paced course(s) in Articulate Storyline, which may include:
  • Animations
  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Interactives
  • Branching scenarios
  • Develop and publish any accompanying materials in Word or PDF, such as handouts, guides, diagrams, worksheets, etc., using consistent visual branding.
  • Ensure all materials meet web publishing accessibility standards (e.g., WCAG 2.1).
  • Provide text alternatives for time-based media (e.g., captions and transcripts for all videos and narration).
  • Provide editable templates and drafts for all published work (including the Storyline files, Word files, video files, and so on).

OCLC will provide

  • Access to subject matter experts who will collaborate on the course content (these costs are covered by OCLC separately and do not need to be included in the vendor response).

Vendor responsibilities

The selected vendor will be able to:

  • Work collaboratively with the OCLC project team and subject matter experts to create online self-paced courses and accompanying materials.
  • Document learning outcomes, topical scope, and outlines.
  • Collaborate to create detailed storyboards and scripts for each course.
  • Design high-quality, portable online training modules using Articulate Storyline.
  • Collaborate with the project team to create supporting materials/media (audio, video, simulations, games, etc.).
  • Create compelling learning experiences that build practical skills and knowledge.
  • Devise and support the design and implementation of learning assessment tools and strategies, including but not limited to tests or quizzes, to measure the effectiveness of the courses.
  • Create engaging learning activities and compelling course content with a focus on direct application and impact in the workplace.


The ideal vendor will provide project managers, instructional designers, and multimedia producers who have:

  • Experience designing self-paced continuing education courses for adult learners in Articulate Storyline.
  • In-depth knowledge of adult learning theories and instructional design models, and the ability to apply them to practical, outcomes-oriented continuing education.
  • Understanding of universal design principles and designing with an equity lens.
  • Experience with designing for accessibility and usability, and user experience design.
  • Demonstrated ability to write clear, effective copy, instructional text, and video scripts.
  • Strong visual design skills, and experience using media creation software such as Adobe Illustrator, Camtasia, and H5P.
  • Intermediate skills and knowledge of audio and video production and editing.
  • Enthusiastic collaborator who is also able to work independently with superior time management skills.
  • Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal skills to communicate clearly and collegially with clients, team members, project stakeholders, and learners. 

Potential roadblocks

  • Subject matter expert availability (will be provided by OCLC)
  • Accelerated timeline

Parameters for pricing estimate

Use these parameters to create your bid. It is acceptable to provide a range for the costs, and a description of how the final price will be determined should be included. Details such as costs per-minute for specific work, such as video creation or animation creation should be included if available.

Course length for learners: 60 minutes (can include reading, self-paced activities)

Authoring tool: Storyline 

Voiceover: Yes, fully narrated on each slide with captions and transcript for all narration (please provide price per minute for narration) 

Assessments: None 

Examples of applicable interactive objects:

  • Buttons 
  • Hotspots 
  • Hyperlinks 
  • Variables 

Requested slide types: Layers

Approximate number of slides: 40


  • Three (3) custom animated videos using stock animation assets, up to 2-minutes each, with voiceover narration 
  • One (1) custom video, talking head or interview style, recorded via Zoom, with SME or assigned delegate, up to 9 minutes 
  • Total: Up to 15 minutes of video (three custom animated + one interview style) with closed captions and separate downloadable transcripts 


  • Custom graphics and colors as needed for the course (no style guide or required branding) 

Handouts/supporting documents:

  • Two (2) Word document files, each up to 2-pages 

Project timeline

April 2024

  • Publish RFP by April 1
  • Receive proposals by April 19
  • Review proposals and schedule meetings with finalists, if applicable by April 30

May 2024

  • Final vendor selection by week of May 6
  • Write and sign contract by end of May 

June – August 2024

  • Vendor meets with OCLC project team and subject matter experts
  • Create and design courses
  • Review draft course(s) and implement feedback
  • Finalize course(s) by end of August

August – September 2024

  • Publish course(s) in WebJunction Course Catalog
  • Vendor provides all materials (Storyline files, working drafts, templates, etc.) to OCLC

Instructions for submission of proposals

All responses to this proposal must include:  

  • Executive summary
  • Company profile and contact information, including:
  • Legal organization name
  • Headquarters mailing address
  • Primary contact, email address and phone number
  • Biographies/CVs of key staff/contractors
  • How many years has your company been in business?
  • Is there, or has there been in the last 10 years, any litigation or governmental or regulatory action pending or threatened against your organization that might affect your ability to provide requested services? State the status of any current or pending lawsuits.
  • Statement confirming that your organization has not been suspended or debarred from receiving federal funding.
  • Confirm that your organization has a US tax identification number. 
  • Portfolio samples of similar courses and materials, which may include links to Articulate Storyline courses, links to videos, sample documents/templates with watermark, screenshots, etc.
  • Description of project management approach
  • Description of ability to design for equity and inclusion, including specific examples of design choices that make courses more accessible for learners with disabilities
  • Pricing details for creating one course, using the details provided under the section "Parameters for pricing estimate." We understand that the final contract value will depend on decisions about the length of videos, animations, etc. Note that we may create more than one, one-hour course with the same parameters, if the budget allows. 

Evaluation criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on:

  • Completeness of application
  • Quality of communication and clarity in the applications
  • Qualifications of project team (project managers, instructional designers, and multimedia producers)
  • Quality of portfolio samples
  • Ability to meet technical needs and feature requirements defined in the project goals
  • Ability to meet accessibility standards
  • Ability to meet project timeline
  • Cost (primary consideration)

Interested applicants may direct questions about the RFP to Jennifer Peterson, [email protected]. All questions must be submitted by April 16, 2024 at 5:00pm Pacific time. 

Final proposals should be sent via email to Jennifer Peterson, [email protected] by 5:00pm Pacific time on April 19, 2024.