Public Libraries for Health Toolkit

Liz Morris /

Public Libraries for Health ToolkitFinding and sharing resources that support public library efforts to contribute to community health, is one our favorite parts of the Health Happens in Libraries program. We were pleased to learn about and to share the excellent Public Libraries for Health Toolkit.

With the support of the Public Libraries for Health grantmaking program from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation, seven libraries in both urban and rural areas of Minnesota implemented projects to help people reach their full health potential. With support and guidance, libraries tackled issues of health equity that were unique to their local area, and identified opportunities for improving the health of their communities. Together, the libraries and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation documented the journey, and created a toolkit to assist libraries across the United States in embracing health equity work.

The Public Libraries for Health Toolkit includes videos, tips, templates, stories, successes and lessons learned in libraries and communities along the way. The toolkit is adaptable for any community, and a great source of inspiration for those looking to launch or deepen their library's efforts in support of health equity.

Please reach out at any time if you have ideas for stories or resources about public libraries and health that we can feature. And, if you haven't already, register for our October 21 webinar, Public Health and Public Libraries: Librarians as Health Literacy First Responders.