Opioid Crisis Responses from Public Libraries

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As staff, trustees and volunteers of public libraries around the country are being confronted by the opioid crisis, news stories, events and resources have surfaced which highlight how libraries are addressing these emerging needs. From administering the overdose drug naloxone directly to individuals, to organizing community conversations, public libraries are engaged at all levels of this crisis. This collection of resources shows the breadth of the services and responses from public libraries, and can help inform local decisions in other communities.

A similar patron-focused collection, “Books, Programming, Resources: Helping Patrons Through the Opioid Crisis,” is also available to help library staff connect patrons to the information they need to support themselves or a loved one. It may also be helpful to check with your local and state health departments to discover what resources they may be able to share to support your efforts.

Most of the resources shared here were collected in the Facebook group, Libraries and the Opioid Crisis. The group is open to new members and is a great place for libraries to stay connected to the issues stemming from opioid misuse.

Library-specific publications - information from the field.

News - stories and features in the news and online media about public library activities.

Events - hosting public forums, discussions or training is another way that libraries are supporting the community around the opioid addiction. Many of these events have passed, but are included to provide examples of the types of programs being offered.

Miscellaneous Resources

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