New Year's Resolutions - Put a Goal on It!

Kendra Morgan /

Resolutions and goals via Ed Donahue on FlickrWe are all familiar with the tradition of establishing resolutions for the New Year. Maybe not so many brownies and a little more walking? Or maybe spending more time with friends and family? Whatever the resolution, there is often a powerful sense of possibility as a new year begins – and we want you to channel that into a resolution for professional development! A great place to start is to review our webinar “Put a Goal on It: WebJunction and Self-Directed Learning.”

Hosted and presented by WebJunction’s own Jennifer Peterson, Kathleen Gesinger and Ahniwa Ferrari, this webinar focused on how to support and be a part of a learning organization, and how to use the resources on WebJunction to advance your own learning. All three of the presenters are passionate about learning and sharing their knowledge with others and in the webinar they share some of things that have influenced their individual learning. Here are some of the highlights.

Learning Organizations

A great quote that Jennifer shared from Peter Senge is, “in situations of rapid change, only those that are flexible, adaptable and productive will excel.” Senge was talking about organizational change, but when I saw the quote, I felt that really encompasses what libraries are dealing with constantly.

We receive reference questions on a daily basis on new topics, address patron needs with new technology and often struggle to keep up with the pace of change. Often these things are out of our control, but how we respond to these changing needs is in our control. Embracing and participating in the library as a learning organization are two ways to be part of a stronger and more effective library.

Self-Directed Achievement

Goal Setting via Angie Torres on Flickr

Our team found inspiration for our organizational and individual learning after hosting a webinar called “Self-Directed Achievement: If you give library staff an hour,” which was presented by the staff at Tooele City Library. As Kathleen mentions in the webinar, “we learned so much as a team…we could not stop talking about it.”

The library presented their Self-Directed Achievement framework which provides the support to make all staff feel empowered to be lifelong learners. The framework is easy to follow, and creates great talking points for you and the staff at your library.

Exploring WebJunction

To help support your professional development and learning needs, we take some time to explore the resources available on WebJunction, including our Course Catalog. Ahniwa Ferrari, our web content manager, led an exploration of the major features of the site.

This is a great way to discover all of the great things that we have to offer. Did you know that you can use the WebJunction Course Catalog for free? You’ll find 25 online, self-paced courses and over 100 curated webinar archives on a wide range of library-specific topics, including Customer Service, Library Management, and Programming – something for everyone!

What are your resolutions?

Whatever your New Year’s resolutions, I wish you much success this year. We hope that committing some time to personal and professional development is part of your plan, and the team here is ready to help you succeed. Cheers!