Consider Your Library’s Community Health Programming Holistically

Liz Morris /

Dedicated planning time is a precious commodity in library land. It can sometimes be challenging to find a good starting point to identify a new program or update a programming idea without becoming overwhelmed. We're pleased to share with you some resources to get you started on brainstorming and communicating community health program priorities for your library in a straightforward and comprehensive way.

The Community Health Program Worksheet includes brainstorming questions to help your library think about potential community health programs and partners that make the best use of your existing organizational resources, and that connect to the long-term vision of community impact at your library. The last page features a few suggested follow-up questions for participants who attend programming at your library.

The Communications Guide includes key messages and strategies for library staff to target communications to multiple stakeholders about the important role of libraries in supporting community health.

Whether your library has already outlined a community health engagement strategy or is just beginning to think about prioritizing services in this area, an intentional communications strategy will help to ensure that your priorities are made clear both internally and externally.

For further inspiration on taking community health programming priorities from ideas to impact, read the WebJunction article that illustrates how the Hennepin County Library (MN) recognized a health need in their community and partnered with other institutions to create programs around that need.