Apply by February 23 for "Collective Wisdom," an Experiment in Cross-Sector Learning

Anna Shelton /

So much can be learned when we reach across boundaries, explore new environments and forge connections outside our current community.

A select cohort of 12 people will immerse themselves in this kind of learning in 2016 through a project called Collective Wisdom: Libraries, Archives and Museums (LAM) Conference Exchange. The cross-sector cohort (four representatives each from archives, museums and libraries) will have travel expenses covered to jointly attend three major sector conferences–at least one of which is likely to be outside their comfort zone–as well as an in-person convening. The cohort opportunity will provide a shared practical learning experience for a group of colleagues who may not otherwise cross paths, but who all share a passion for continuing education and professional development (CE/PD).

Applications for Collective Wisdom are open through February 23. This unique experience is one of several projects of the Coalition to Advance Learning in Archives, Libraries and Museums. Since 2014, the Coalition has coordinated deliberately across organizational boundaries to devise and strengthen sustainable CE/PD that will transform the archives, library and museum workforce in ways that lead to measurable impact on our nation's communities.

The Coalition hopes the impact of Collective Wisdom extends far beyond the 12 selected participants, helping to strengthen connections for CE/PD and break down barriers across libraries, museums and archives in meaningful and lasting ways. As they attend these three conferences and build relationships with each other, cohort participants will be listening, learning, and contributing on behalf of our entire field. They will share through social media and the Coalition website reflections and emerging recommendations about potential partnerships and collaborations to advance cross-sector learning.

For the Coalition and for other thought leaders in the field, this cohort will help increase understanding of impact and effectiveness of cross-sector CE/PD and may inform future cross-sector CE/PD exchanges. To join in discovery alongside the cohort, and for updates on other Coalition projects, follow@LAMCoalition.