Wikipedian in Residence Stops By

Sharon Streams /

Wikipedia has been a lively subject of debate ever since it hit the public space, and as the tool has grown and adapted, the discussion has evolved from whether it should be used at all to how it can be used more effectively.

Max Klein, a UC Berkely graduate with a B.A. in mathematics, has joined OCLC Research this summer to work with staff and libraries to help foster a broader understanding of Wikipedia's practices, and to explore how researchers could be led to library collections and service through Wikipedia.

Roy Tennant interviewed Max as he was about to kick off his residency:

On August 2, Max will present a webinar to the WebJunction community, to share some of the ways that public librarians can assess the quality of Wikipedia information, participate in its upkeep, and help connect people to libraries through the tool. Max is presenting an additional webinar on July 31 geared more toward academic libraries. See also information about the Wikipedia Loves Libraries event that was held on July 11 in Washington, D.C., hosted by OCLC Research and Wikimania.