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Tech Training for Libraries is a site dedicated to sharing information, trainer resources, and instructional materials for both staff and public technology training. All of the materials on the site are available for download, and are Creative Commons licensed. Please feel free to use, reproduce, and adapt any of these materials for your library programs.

On this site you will find:

  • Lesson plans, outlines, and handouts for public technology training classes
  • Trainer outlines and handouts for staff workshops to train technology trainers
  • Information on ADA assistive technology programs and support
  • Links to additional resources related to public technology training

Lesson plans for public classes:

  • Are designed to target specific learning objectives
  • Are developed in small modules or "chunks" that can easily be interchanged
  • Focus on active learning, with a variety of practice methods included
  • Feature resources for learning additional information about technology
  • Correlate to handouts and activity sheets
  • Cover topics from computer basics to social media, with new topics being added each month

Staff training workshops include:

  • Detailed trainer outlines with talking points
  • Handouts for note taking, including recommended practices and activities
  • Links to additional resources to help technology trainers
  • Competencies for technology trainers
  • Basic technology proficiencies

We will continue to add new content through the end of 2012, and hopefully beyond. Content has been contributed by public libraries in Colorado, and by Colorado State Library staff.

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