Understanding Ethics and Privacy in Health and Information Services

Kendra Morgan /

Libraries connect people to the information they need to enrich and improve their lives. When it comes to helping patrons with their health information needs, library staff often have questions about how to maintain ethical standards and patron privacy. These issues are the subject of the second of three pathways designed to help library staff engage as key contributors to patron health goals and healthy communities.

The pathway Understanding Ethics and Privacy in Health Information and Services includes the following topic areas:

  • An overview of ethics
  • How to provide ethical guidance when you aren't a health expert
  • Ethical communication practices when you and the person with a health question speak different languages
  • Ethical collection maintenance for health information consumers

These additional resources can also be helpful as you look to strengthen health information services:

This project wass funded by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and managed by OCLC in partnership with ZeroDivide.