17 New Webinars Added to the WebJunction Catalog

Jennifer Peterson /

We'd like to thank the Nebraska Library Commission and the Washington State Library for collaborating with WebJunction to bring you even more archives to access via the WebJunction Course Catalog. The Nebraska Library Commission hosts the weekly series, NCompass Live, with fantastic production by Christa Burns and wonderful presenters from around the country. The Commission also hosts the annual Big Talk from Small Libraries online conference, and one of the archives added is from this year's conference. And from the Washington State Library, we've added the archives from a 4-part Tech Training Webinar Series they hosted in 2013 with Stephanie Gerding, covering practical tips and best practices for planning and promoting computer classes at the library, engaging students and evaluating success. The Washington State Library also hosts the First Tuesdays webinar series.

Certificates of completion are made available to all learners, after completing any course or webinar enrolled in from the catalog. With more archive additions from TechSoup, Infopeople, OCLC, and ALCTS, you'll now find 143 webinar archives produced by WebJunction or by one of our content collaborators.

Visit learn.webjunction.org to browse all the courses and webinar archives:

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Thank you to the Nebraska Library Commission and to the Washington State Library for expanding access to their webinar archives through learn.webjunction.org, and to all collaborators and supporters of a nationally coordinated approach to continuing education for library staff.