2013 Grandfathered License Renewals FAQ

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2013 Grandfathered License Renewals FAQ

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When can grandfathered staff renew?

If you meet the current criteria for the license you need for your position (view those criteria here: http://www.webjunction.org/content/dam/WebJunction/Documents/indiana/Cert-2page.pdf), you may renew prior to the 3rd quarter of this year (The 3rd quarter runs from July 1 to September 30). If you are renewing prior to the 3rd quarter and I do not have your transcript from when you were grandfathered, I have to ask for it. This kind of renewal is treated essentially as a license upgrade and you will no longer be grandfathered (nor will you need to be grandfathered) because you meet the current criteria.

If I already have your transcripts, you do not need to resubmit them. If you are not sure if your transcript is here, please email me and I will be happy to check for you. If you are retaining your grandfathered status or if you do not have college coursework that pertains to Library Science, I will not ask for your transcripts.

If you do NOT meet the current criteria for the license you need and you have to retain your grandfathered status in order to remain eligible to certify for your position, you must wait until the 3rd quarter this year to renew. The reason for this is simply that my database is not yet set up to renew grandfathered licenses that have to stay grandfathered. This function will not be enabled until 7/1.

What is the process for grandfathered staff whose jobs have not changed jobs in the past 5 years?

The same process applies to grandfathered individuals who have NOT changed positions or completed additional Library Science coursework since 7/1/2008. Those people should still complete the application for renewal and submit their personal check or money order (made payable to Indiana State Library) in the amount of $50.

What application do I use to renew? Is it the one on WebJunction?

Yes. Everyone – grandfathered professionals and new hires – fills out the same application. You can find it at http://www.webjunction.org/documents/indiana/Public_Librarian_Certification.html. The document is called Application for Librarian Certification.

The application instructions say to send a certified copy of my transcripts. Do I need to do this?

The Indiana Library & Historical Board has always, since certification was first introduced many, many years prior to 2008, required official transcripts. The sealed (unopened) documents are the only way to verify they are authentic. For this reason we ask for transcripts, rather than photocopies of diplomas.

Most people who were never certified before 2008 did not submit transcripts. If they were being grandfathered into their positions there was no need to turn them in because being in their 2008 position and library system was enough to certify them.

NOTE: Only people who are eligible and want to renew prior to the 3rd quarter of this year will need to turn in transcripts (if they have not previously done so). If you don’t want to turn in transcripts, that’s fine. But I will have to ask you to wait to renew until the 3rd quarter (between 7/1 and 9/30) and you will remain grandfathered into your position. The drawback to this is, however, if you are promoted to a higher job classification (i.e., Professional Assistant to Branch/Department Head or Branch/Department Head to Director) or take a position at another library system you could have to pay $50 again to recertify because your grandfathered status will be voided. So that is something to consider.

If I already have your transcripts, you do not need to resubmit them. If you are not sure if your transcript is here, please ask me and I will be happy to check for you. If you are retaining your grandfathered status or if you do not have college coursework that pertains to Library Science, I will not ask for your transcripts.

How many LEUs do I have?

Each of us, as certified library professionals, is responsible for keeping records of our LEUs in some organized and easily accessible manner. PDO does not have records of individuals’ LEUs. If you have lost any of your certificates, you may be able to go back to instructors and request duplicate copies from workshops you’ve attended.

What information about my LEUS do I need to provide in order to renew?

PDO will conduct random audits on staff’s files throughout the renewal process. LEUs are on the honor system so I won’t ask for copies of certificates or other verification unless a person is audited. Those who are audited will receive notices from ISL within 90 days of receiving their 2013-2018 paper licenses. They will then have 30 days to show proof of their LEUs. If 90 days pass after you have received your new license, you may discard your certificates. Once individuals receive their new certificates in the mail, they should begin accumulating another round of LEUs (whatever # they are required to obtain based on job classification [50 for Professional Assistants, 75 for Branch and Department Heads, or 100 for Directors]).

What if I don’t have all my LEUs?

Individuals who are audited and unable to show proof of their LEUs may be determined by the Indiana Library & Historical Board to be ineligible to hold their certificates and, thus, unable to certify for their positions. Libraries employing persons who do not hold the appropriate certificate for their positions may fall out of state standards and become ineligible to receive state funding. Some of the services that may be jeopardized include:

·         E-rate

·         INfoExpress subsidies

·         Evergreen Indiana

·         LSTA grants

When can I begin earning LEUs again?

You can begin accumulating another round of LEUs once you have received your new license in the mail. The LEUs you obtain must be dated between the date your license is issued and when it expires. The licenses are mailed shortly after I process them (they are sent to a batch printer at the Professional Licensing Agency, not directly from PDO) so you can expect to receive it fairly quickly. When you have it in hand you can be assured the LEUs you earn from that day forward will count toward your 2013-2018 requirements.

What forms of payment does the Indiana State Library accept for certification?

The certification fee, either temporary or for 5 years, must be paid from the applicant’s personal funds. A library district may choose to increase the applicant’s salary in order to cover the cost of the required certificate (amounting to less than $0.20 per week). If a library’s Friends group has the funds and would like to help defray this cost for staff, ISL is perfectly fine with that.

Below are a few tips that will help speed up the process of receiving your new certificate:

1.       In the top portion of the application, please include your email address and phone # (if you want to put your library’s phone number that is fine). Very important also: Please include your city and zip code with your street address.

2.       Don’t worry if you don’t know your exact date of graduation. That information is on your transcript. If you don’t know if I have your transcript on file (and many people did not submit them when they were grandfathered), please ask me and I will be happy to peek in your file to confirm.

3.       In the Professional Library Employment portion, please include the name of your library employer, your position, and the date you started that position. If you can’t remember the exact day, the month is sufficient. Please provide a month in addition to the year.

4.       Don’t forget to sign in the signature box at the bottom.

On behalf of our Hoosier library communities, the Professional Development Office sincerely thanks you for your hard work and commitment to learning opportunities. We are hopeful that public library professionals share ISL’s passion for lifelong learning and its potential to enhance services to our communities. We hope individuals take a great deal of pride in their jobs and have a sincere aspiration to constantly improve and to move libraries forward on current needs and issues facing our patrons.