Managing Public Computers

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As we've moved into the 21st century, providing public access to computers and the internet has become a core function of libraries. Whether your library has a handful of public computers or hundreds, you have become a technology access point for your community and managing that technology requires a range of knowledge. Explore topics that address the varied facets of managing public computers including security, filtering, upgrading, and troubleshooting.

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Most Recently Added

Bridging the Digital Divide with Mobile Services

Publish Date: Webinar / 25 July 2012

Archive and related resources for a webinar presented on July 25 by Andromeda Yelton exploring the potential for bridging the digital divide through expanded mobile library services.

Case Study: Freedom Rings in Philadelphia

Publish Date: Document / 23 May 2012

The Freedom Rings Partnership is a coalition of grassroots organizations, government, and universities working together in Philadelphia to drive broadband adoption in underserved communities.

Upgrade and Maintenance Brainstorm

Publish Date: Document / 21 March 2012

A list of ideas and resources on Upgrade and Maintenance collected from the Rural Library Sustainability workshops, training institutes, and from other discussion areas on WebJunction.

Technology Support Action Plan Template

Publish Date: Document / 21 March 2012

Create your Technology Support Action Plan using this template complete with recommended steps and linked resources.

Planning for Success Cookbook Overview and Toolkit

Publish Date: Document / 21 March 2012

TechSoup for Libraries created these Computer Cookbooks and accompanying Toolkit, to help you keep your library's technology running properly, sustain its growth, and ensure its viability.

Guiding Ohio Online: Volunteer Technology Instructor Training

Publish Date: Document / 21 March 2012

Guiding Ohio Online is an AmeriCorps program that places members in rural Ohio libraries to deliver digital literacy training through computer classes, one-on-one computer assistance, outreach, and volunteer recruitment.

Cloud Computing 101

Publish Date: Webinar / 9 February 2012

Archive and related resources for a webinar presented on February 9, 2012 by Roy Tennant on cloud computing for libraries.