AUG 20

Recruiting and Training Volunteers for Library Advocacy

This webinar presents a sustainable volunteer training and management model to apply when libraries have big dreams but lack the staffing required to pursue them.

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Like many libraries, Michigan’s Herrick District Library found itself with a leaner staff facing more responsibilities in recent years. The idea of sending employees out of the building to staff community awareness events seemed like a challenging concept. This Michigan library not only developed a volunteer force to meet the challenge, but they now have a sustainable volunteer training and management model to apply in future situations where the library has big dreams but lacks the staffing required to pursue them. Come hear from a Geek the Library shining star, and learn how to engage your community’s volunteer force.

Presented by: Sara DeVries, Marketing & Public Relations Manager, Herrick District Library, Michigan

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  • Herrick District Library and on Facebook
  • Geek the Library Volunteer Training from Herrick District Library
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  • Additional info on library volunteers on WebJunction:
  • Sara asked "What events, activities, funding challenges, and other library activities might you engage your community volunteer network around?" and here are answers as posted to chat:
    • Outreach to schools
    • Establishing a maker space
    • Open Houses at Elementary Schools
    • volunteers for Coin Drop which raises money to run our bookmobile
    • Tutoring
    • retired school librarians & teachers doing outreach storytimes at preschools
    • Poetry Slams, Poem in Your Pocket Day Celebration for Poetry Month
    • homebound delivery service
    • community members who speak a language other than English helping with outreach in their language
    • Outreach to neighborhood organizations and corporations
    • chamber of commerce, service clubs
    • former Mayor led fund drive for new furnishings and equipment when we renovated
    • National Honor Society students in community, County Clerk/Township Supervisor, Church groups
    • Partnership with local arts council to bring classic cinema to our town's old movie theater which has not shown films in over 20 years.
    • A delivery service and helping with outreach for different organizations and corporations that speak other languages other than English
  • A participant asked: "Does anyone have naming suggestions for a group of volunteers who can be "checked out" for speaking engagements or as "expert resources," etc?" And here are some excellent suggestions shared:
    • Community Connectors
    • Human Resources
    • human dictionaries/encyclopedias...
    • volunteer speakers bureau
    • Library Voices
    • Library Liaisons
    • I am launching a new project like this at my library - we're calling it LOCAL (library outreach & community advocacy leaders)
    • Library Ambassadors


20 August 2014


2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time, North America [UTC -4]