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Patience and care in pinning on the buttons created in a craft project. [Photo courtesy of library_mistress on Flickr.]

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How do you respond to compassion fatigue?

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Regaining Compassion in a Stressed World 

Compassion is a quality found in abundance in libraries. Patrons turn and return to their local libraries for the empathetic help they receive from the dedicated people who work there. But those who work in support professions can struggle to maintain balance between helping others and taking care of their own emotional health. With more than 500 library staff in attendance at our recent webinar on the topic, we saw just how common this experience is.

Resources to explore:

  • Understanding Compassion Fatigue in Your Library: watch this 90-minute archive of this webinar with consultant (and model of compassion) Linda Bruno
  • Compassion Lost and Regained: Got limited time? Read this summary of the webinar, with links to key resources
  •  "That's Not What I Said!": Foundations of Interpersonal Communication: be sure to attend this June 19 webinar, because effective communication is a big part of maintaining compassion.
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Group at work developing literacies for a Student Digital Media Activities workshop held in Paterno Library. [Photo courtesy of psutlt on Flickr.]

Building Digital Communities

The IMLS Framework for Building Digital Communities wisely observes that “digital inclusion is not a simple, one-time checkbox.” It will be an ongoing effort into the foreseeable future. The IMLS-funded project in which WebJunction is a partner is moving forward on its grant initiatives one step at a time. This month, there are three incremental steps to announce.

1.  A Digital Inclusion Community of Practice is now live on It is a mere bud that promises to grow and blossom as the community nourishes it. Your content contributions are welcome to enrich the knowledge base, which includes:

  • A summary of the results of the Digital Inclusion Community Needs Assessment, conducted in February 2012
  • Archived and upcoming webinars on the topic
  • Live Twitter feed of the #digitalinclusion hashtag

2. Grant partners WebJunction, ICMA (International City/County Management Association), and TechSoup Global will convene a Digital Community Leadership Summit in St. Paul (MN), June 12-13, with a small selection of communities for conversation and activities to explore how they can move forward with digital inclusion efforts. Nine communities from around the country  will each send a public library director, a city/county administrator and a community-based organization director to the summit.

3. Join us at ALA for a highly interactive workshop to explore strategies to move your library and community forward in expanding digital inclusion efforts. Discussions and activities will be facilitated by representatives from IMLS, ICMA, TechSoup Global and WebJunction. Learn more and register  »


Full Steam Ahead for Edge

The Edge initiative is a coalition of 13 organizations working together to create public access technology benchmarks for public libraries.

The project is moving full-steam ahead:

  • A beta version of the benchmarks is now available.
  • To make sure you stay connected to all the latest Edge news, there is a new project website, as well as a Facebook page; and you can follow the project on Twitter.
  • If you will be at the ALA annual conference in Anaheim, there will be an informational session open to everyone.

Get the full details »

Edge logo

Project Compass Opens Doors

Project Compass logoWith the IMLS grant-funded Project Compass coming to a close, we are now gathering data on the impact of the program over the last three years. After participating in the program:

  • 82.9% of Project Compass participants have implemented new programs or services in their libraries to support workforce recovery;
  • 62.2% have developed new partnerships to augment their workforce recovery programs and services.

Look for our final program evaluation report with more details about the impact of our work on our libraries and communities coming soon.

See Also:

Workforce Services: collection of documents, webinars, news, and videos on the subject of library services to job seekers, entrepreneurs, and the unemployed.

#libs4jobs Twitter stream: links to articles, news, and other online resources about libraries supporting the workforce.

Project Compass: more information about the grant-funded project conducted by WebJunction and the State Library of North Carolina.

“Many patrons have reported finding work due to efforts of our library staff and resources available at the library. One story that stands out is a gentleman that had been seeking work in his field for almost 2 years with few results. During a one-on-one session with a library staff member, he was able to learn about free resources to research new careers. During the reference interview and subsequent research, he realized he was qualified for other fields he had not considered applying for previously. He broadened his job search criteria and found employment within a week.”

- Project Compass participant


What's new on WebJunction?

  • Watch your email in-box for our annual member survey to arrive. Per your request, this year's survey will be much shorter than we've done previously. We'll get your feedback about the new design as well as find out about your professional development experiences and needs. Thank you in advance for providing your input!
  • Last month, our LinkedIn group surpassed 3,000 members. As we largely phased out general discussion forums on WebJunction, the community has dived right into the discussions on this professional networking website, and the conversation has been lively. We hope you will join us there!
  • Reminder to course takers: You do not need to sign in to in order to get to the course catalog. Simply click on the Go to Courses link on any page of the website (just below the Search box), and you will be taken to the learning management system. That's where you sign in to access your learning plan and courses.

WebJunction Picks for ALA 2012

If you're going to Anaheim for ALA, you are likely to find WebJunction staff and members at a variety of events.

Friday, June 22:

  • Americas Regional Council Annual Member Meeting and Symposium: Platforms for Innovation (11 am - 3 pm)

Saturday, June 23:

  • Libraries Lead Community Digital Inclusion (10:30 am -12 pm)
  • Advocacy and Fundraising for your Rural or Tribal Library (1:30 pm - 3 pm)

Sunday, June 24:

  • OCLC Update Breakfast (7:30 am - 8:30 am)
  • Edge Informational Session (10:30 am - 12 pm)
  • Learning Round Table Training Showcase (1:30 pm - 3:30 pm)

We are getting our schedules ready for ALA2012. See you in Anaheim!


Results of May Readers' Poll on Information Seeking

With access to information at our fingertips, it’s not a big surprise that the large majority of respondents to last month’s poll turn first to a search engine (83.7%) to find out more about something that has aroused their curiosity. The next most-sought source of information is a library database, with 39.7% of our library-centric readers naming it as a second choice. Asking coworkers takes third place. However, if you add the 2nd and 3rd rank choices, the results are neck-and-neck for library database (56%), friends and family (57%), and coworkers (59%). Twitter, Facebook and discussion groups are not major avenues for information search for our readers.

Poll results in graph form

The open-ended responses to the poll were so varied and interesting that they were worth reprinting in full. Many people listed multiple items, sharing the sentiment “…too many things to name and not enough time to read more about it.” Two readers remarked on a conspicuously absent choice—books. “I won't even answer this - I START with a book on the topic. Where are BOOKS!!!?” There were also few items that sent us on our own search: Jewelled Squid, Alexander Calder's jewelry, Zentangle.


Accelerate Your Career with a Degree from Drexel University Online

Continuing your education is an important step towards career advancement, and there's no better time than now to get started. Through a partnership between WebJunction and Drexel University Online, WebJunction members are entitled to receive a 20% tuition reduction on Drexel's over 100 top-rated online degree and certificate programs. Drexel Online offers the same quality education you would receive on campus, but in a convenient, online format perfect for the working professional.

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Drexel University Online

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Best Kept Secret: Marketing the Small & Rural Library

June 7, 2012

Is your small or rural library the community’s best kept secret? Libraries are not known for "tooting their own horns," so valuable services and resources may go unnoticed. WebJunction is collaborating with the Association for Rural and Small Libraries to help you learn more about marketing and branding your 21st century small and rural library. Presenters Michelle A. McIntyre, director of Roaring Spring Community Library (PA), and Melinda Tanner, district consultant librarian in Washington, Greene & Fayette Counties (PA), share marketing techniques that are guaranteed to lead to long term development opportunities. Build mutually beneficial and sustainable business partnerships that result in free media advertising or sponsorship for events and services.

More information and registration »


“That’s Not What I Said!”: Foundations of Interpersonal Communication

June 19, 2012

Being able to communicate effectively with others is a critical factor in job and relationship success. Yet each of us has a unique personality and view of the world. Our individual fears, insecurities, defense mechanisms and ways of taking in information all add up to differences in communication styles. What one person says is often not what the other person hears. Based on her 30 years of library experience, Melissa Powell will provide you with the tools to recognize the differences and increase your awareness of how they affect your relationships with customers and co-workers.

More information and registration »


Grant Writing for Libraries Serving Children

July 11, 2012

Grant funding is one way to find resources to support innovative programming and services for children. In this webinar, learn about finding, writing, and submitting grant opportunities. Presenters Dr. Sue C. Kimmel, Assistant Professor, and Dr. Gail K. Dickinson, Associate Professor, at the School Libraries/Darden College of Education Old Dominion University (Norfolk, VA), will share information about specific grants that focus on diversity, literacy and libraries, and are relevant for school and public libraries. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and share related experiences.

More information and registration »


Bridging the Digital Divide with Mobile Services

July 25, 2012

The popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices is exploding. The demographics of those adopting these devices are quite diverse, offering libraries a unique opportunity to help bridge the digital divide. Andromeda Yelton, author of the January issue of Library Technology Reports on the topic of Bridging the Digital Divide with Mobile Services, will discuss the demographics of mobile internet users and why it matters to a library’s mission. She will share real-life examples of online library services aimed at diverse populations and mobile friendly steps you can take even with limited time, budget, or expertise. This webinar is brought to you in collaboration with ALA TechSource.

More information and registration »


New Webinar Archives

If you missed these recent live programs, you can view and listen to the recording at any time on WebJunction.

May 16: Libraries and the Era of the Learner: A Vision for the Future

May 31: Understanding Compassion Fatigue in Your Library


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