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Question of the Month

This month's "poll" is the exercise embedded in the article Data that Jumps Off the Page. Check it out!

Data That Jumps Off the Page

When you think of data, you might imagine a dull spreadsheet filled with rows and columns of numbers. Lots of useful information can be held in those cells, but unless you present the data in a clear, concise and interesting way, it's not likely to effectively inform or convince anyone. As we continue to discuss how libraries can assess and communicate their value and impact, we turn our focus on data visualization.

  • Get started by watching the webinar archive of Data Visualization for Advocacy, in which John Emerson applies graphic design and other visual techniques to show compelling data that can strengthen your advocacy talking points.
  • To sharpen your ability to recognize effective data visualization, try the exercise in Data that Jumps Off the Page, and vote for your favorite in the embedded poll.

December Readers' Poll Results

Last month we asked how your library collects and records user stories. Here are the results:

Poll results in graph form

Since none of the poll respondents indicated they are using the LibrariUS widget to collect stories, this seems like a good opportunity to find out more about what it is and how to get your library involved.


Building the global library field

Global Libraries mapWebJunction’s Community Director Chrystie Hill is a member of the strategic advisor network for Global Libraries. This Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation program is working to narrow the digital divide around the world through increased access to computers and the Internet. After a recent meeting at which the team worked to clarify their priorities for building the global library field, Chrystie blogged about the top three suggestions along with her own reflections.

Chrystie identifies a core need to articulate the future of libraries as part of the process. she poses this question to all of us who care about libraries:

If you were personally tasked with ‘building the global library field’ - and you had significant resources to apply to this challenge - what would you do?

You are encouraged to add your comments to the blog post.


2011 Through the WebJunction Lens 

While WebJunction gears up to take some big steps forward in the new year, we look back at 2011, forming 12 months’ worth of statistics into a picture of accomplishment and community engagement.

Whether you’re a registered member, a webinar attendee, a social networked follower or a first-time visitor to the site, you are all part of the web of insights and ideas that are shared through WebJunction.

Don't miss the WebJunction kids—current photos of the youngest faces that brighten up the lives of our staff.

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Great Opportunities for Rural Libraries

Small But Powerful Forum at ALA Midwinter

If you are heading to Dallas for ALA Midwinter, your are invited to join the Rural Forum for a discussion about building and sustaining support for rural libraries. Presentations and conversation will center around the newly revised Small But Powerful Guide to Winning Big Support for Your Rural Library.

Featured presenters and facilitators include Jennifer Peterson, community manager at WebJunction, ARSL board member, and chair, ALA Rural, Native and Tribal Libraries of All Kinds Committee; Tina Hager, director, Little Elm Public Library (Texas); and Dr. Robert S. Martin, professor emeritus in the School of Library and Information Studies at Texas Woman's University and PEARL Project (Promoting & Enhancing the Advancement of Rural Libraries) team member.

The Forum will take place Sunday, January 22, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. in room A308 of the Dallas Convention Center. More Info »

Small-Powerful guide

A newly revised edition of the
toolkit from the American Library Association's Committee on Rural,
Native, and Tribal Libraries of
All Kinds, Office for Literacy and Outreach Services, and the Association for Rural & Small Libraries.


Calling All Small/Rural Library Staff: Win a PLA Scholarship!

Gale logo

Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, is partnering with WebJunction to offer a reward for your daily work in small/rural libraries. Gale is sponsoring two fully paid scholarships to the Public Library Association Conference in Philadelphia this March, and you have a chance to win!

The scholarships will cover transportation, lodging and conference registration for the two library staff members who can wow the judges with a brief essay. Applications are due January 18, 2012. Winners will be notified no later than the week of January 30.

Access the application form and details.


Important Reminder for WebJunction Course Takers

Are you currently enrolled in one or more courses at WebJunction that you have not yet completed?

Our winter migration project is moving forward on schedule. The systems upgrade to WebJunction's course catalog will impact any courses you do not complete by the end of January 2012. The upgrade will result in the loss of record of any incomplete courses. Records of all your completed courses will be retained, and you will still be able to print certificates for those.

To avoid losing any current course progress, please complete all enrolled courses by January 30, 2012. Any course still in your active My Courses list after that date will need to be re-added and restarted after the upgrade.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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Organizational Storytelling for Librarians: Using Stories for Leadership, Community, and Advocacy

January 10, 2012

Learn how libraries tell their story to strengthen their organizations, build community and amplify the value they bring to their communities. Librarians can use personal stories within the organization for leadership, team building, and moving through change. Presenters Kate Marek, professor at Dominican University’s Graduate School of Library and Information Science, and author of Organizational Storytelling for Librarians (ALA, 2011); and Chris Rippel, head of continuing education, Central Kansas Library System, will introduce new concepts of organizational storytelling to help you “retool” your library’s communication and advocacy. Also hear effective library stories and learn tactics shared by "story" expert Robert McKee, who uses screenwriting methods to bring truth and tension to storytelling. Co-sponsored by ALA TechSource and WebJunction.

More information and registration »


Developing and Maintaining E-Reader Policies and Procedures for Libraries

January 31, 2012

As debates rage on about e-books, publishers and privacy, how are libraries approaching policies for managing e-readers? Join us for this webinar focused on the nuts and bolts of serving patrons with gadgets, including policies and procedures for libraries lending e-readers and for patrons using their own readers to access library e-book collections. Hear from libraries who have e-reader policies and procedures in place, including how they review and update polices to keep up with changing technologies.

Presenters: David Newyear, adult information services manager, Mentor Public Library, Ohio, and Ming Heraty, manager, Computer & Advisory Services, Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Illinois.

More information and registration »


Cloud Computing 101

February 9, 2012

“Cloud computing” seems to be all the rage, but what actually is it? Roy Tennant, senior program officer in the Research division of OCLC, will explain what cloud computing offers libraries, how libraries are using these services, and what you should consider when thinking about using a cloud service in your library. Learn how quick and easy it now is to deploy applications “in the cloud” using tools such as Google Docs, Google App Engine, and Amazon’s Web Services.

More information and registration »


Twitter for Job Seekers: Tips for Helping Your Library’s Job-seeking Patrons

February 23, 2012

Twitter is one of the best online tools for networking and job seeking, whether for browsing job postings or connecting with people in your field. Learn how you can use Twitter to augment your library services, showcase the resources and programs you provide job seekers and demonstrate the powerful connections you create in your library community. Get tips and techniques for helping patrons network and find jobs on Twitter from presenters Brooke Roegge, digital information specialist, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (@PositivelyMN), and Andrea Snyder, manager, Job & Career Information Center, Enoch Pratt Free Library/Maryland State Library Resource Center (@JobCenter_Pratt).

More information and registration »


New Webinar Archives

If you missed these recent live programs, you can view and listen to the recording at any time on WebJunction.

Dec. 6 Free Windows 7 Curriculum: Basic Computer Training at Your Library

Dec 14 A Small But Powerful Webinar for Winning Big Support for Your Rural Library

Dec 20 Data Visualization for Advocacy

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