Circle of laptops and users floating in the clouds

Library staff have been exploring and computing "in the cloud" for years. Adapted from a photo by cindiann on Flickr.

Computing Takes to the Cloud 

Definitions of “cloud computing” are often as vaporous as physical clouds. The actual practice has been around longer than the catchy moniker. For many years already, individuals have been storing and organizing files “in the cloud” (think Flickr); libraries have been accessing and sharing Web-based databases (think WorldCat). In the last few years, the cloud buzz has intensified. Adoption has accelerated and more IT-intensive variations of Web-based services and infrastructure have evolved. Learn more about how libraries are ascending to the cloud through this month’s feature.

  • Roy Tennant will clear away the haze in his February 9th webinar on Cloud Computing 101.
  • Discover the basics and somewhat beyond in this summary article Computing Takes to the Cloud.

E-reader Lending: a hot topic for libraries

The more than 700 people who showed up for WebJunction’s webinar Developing and Maintaining E-Reader Policies and Procedures for Libraries came loaded with detailed questions and answers for each other. Information flew fast and furious. As presenters David Newyear and Ming Heraty shared their experiences with setting up their libraries' e-reader lending programs, the audience accompanied them with a whirlwind of practical questions and answers.

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This month's poll: what are the top challenges for starting or continuing e-reader lending at your library?

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January Readers' Poll Results

In last month's poll, you were asked to rate the effectiveness of five library infographics examples. All of the posters stood above the crowd, but the top choice is OCLC’s How Libraries Stack Up. Even more impressive, 85% of you explained the reasons for your selection. Read a summary of comments in the original article, Data that Jumps Off the Page.

Poll results in graph form

Libraries Present and Future: Chrystie Hill at TEDx Rainier

Aarhus Library, Denmark

With the public’s image of the library still fixated on storehouses of books, it’s crucial to find opportunities to speak to a non-library audience and move the needle of perception. Chrystie Hill, WebJunction’s director of Community Services, did just that in her eloquent presentation at the Northwest regional TEDx event in November.

Chrystie spoke of possibilities through evocative stories about a large urban library (Chicago, IL), a small rural library (Westfield, WI), a traveling library lab (Veracruz, Mexico), and a visionary modern library leading the evolution to the 21st century (Aarhus, Denmark).

The 12-minute video of the speech is posted on Chrystie's blog.


New Report: Project Compass Lights a Path
to Workforce Recovery 

With a follow-on grant awarded by IMLS in October 2010, Project Compass turned its focus to training frontline library staff, providing them with strategies and resources to enhance their services to job seekers and other workforce recovery efforts. The results of those efforts and information on how your library can use the curriculum to strengthen and improve services has just been published in a new 15-page report. Use the findings to help you articulate the value of your workforce recovery programs and services.

Read the full report [PDF].

Project Compass 2 Report

Read about what libraries and library
staff around the country are doing
to help their communities thrive.

Conference News

ALA Midwinter Love Letter to Libraries

Jennifer Peterson wrapped up her experience at ALA Midwinter 2012 by writing a “love letter to libraries” and posting it to our blog. This year’s conference theme, “The Conversation Starts Here,” was certainly borne out by the variety of meetings and events Jennifer attended and conversations she started and participated in. There are big challenges facing libraries, and fortunately there is innovative energy in the responses of the people who work to keep our libraries vital.

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Empowering Voices poster segment

Segment of Empowering Voices
poster; photo courtesy of theunquietlibrarian on Flickr.


Two Rural Librarians Win a Trip to PLA 2012

Gale logo

Congratulations to the winners of the first ever Gale Cengage Learning Small Library Support Program PLA scholarship! Ed Graves, assistant director at the Rutland Free Library (VT), and Jennifer Beach, director at Cumberland County Public Library (VA), will be traveling to Philadelphia next month to attend the conference. There were an impressive 95 applicants, all of whom demonstrated outstanding work in their libraries.

This scholarship is part of Gale/Cengage Learning's new program to help small and rural libraries demonstrate their value to community stakeholders, by assisting with digital solutions and advocacy efforts. As a partner of this program, WebJunction staff served as members of the review panel.


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Cloud Computing 101

February 9, 2012

“Cloud computing” seems to be all the rage, but what actually is it? Roy Tennant, senior program officer in the Research division of OCLC, will explain what cloud computing offers libraries, how libraries are using these services, and what you should consider when thinking about using a cloud service in your library. Learn how quick and easy it now is to deploy applications “in the cloud” using tools such as Google Docs, Google App Engine, and Amazon’s Web Services.

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Twitter for Job Seekers: Tips for Helping Your Library’s Job-seeking Patrons

February 23, 2012

Twitter is more than just a trend: it has become one of the best online tools for networking and job seeking, whether for browsing job postings or connecting with people in your field. Learn how you can use Twitter to augment your library services, showcase the resources and programs you provide job seekers, and demonstrate the powerful connections you create in your library community. Get tips and techniques for helping patrons network and find jobs on Twitter from presenters Brooke Roegge, digital information specialist, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (@PositivelyMN), and Andrea Snyder, manager, Job & Career Information Center, Enoch Pratt Free Library/Maryland State Library Resource Center (@JobCenter_Pratt).

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It Takes a Community to Bridge the Digital Divide

March 6, 2012

When FCC Chairman Genachowski announced the sweeping Connect2Compete initiative to increase broadband connectivity and Internet access across the nation, he listed an impressive array of partners who are joining in the effort. Although he singled out libraries as “vital centers for digital literacy,” any effective actions must involve the whole community of players. Join us to hear about the key role that the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) is playing in building digital communities, as well as the collaborative roles and implementation efforts of city/county governments and public and private organizations.

Presenters: Susan Hildreth, director, IMLS; Ron Carlee, chief operating officer, International City/County Management Association; and David Keyes, community technology program manager, City of Seattle.

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Adult Programs on a $0 Budget

March 27, 2012

In just a few short years, the Laurens County Library, in rural South Carolina, has created an impressive and well-attended series of adult programs on a shoestring budget. Find out from Joey P. Holmes, library assistant at the Laurens County Library (SC) how his library selects topics, recruits presenters, raises funds, and promotes programs through effective public relations practices. Holmes shares what works, what doesn't work, and how your adult programming can make your library a valued community hub, building awareness and increasing use of all your services.

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If you missed these recent live programs, you can view and listen to the recording at any time on WebJunction.

Jan 10: Organizational Storytelling for Librarians: Using Stories for Leadership, Community, and Advocacy

Jan 31: Developing and Maintaining E-Reader Policies and Procedures for Libraries

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