WebJunction is on a programming idea roll. Last week we featured oodles of ideas for libraries looking for inspiration for their Library Kitchens and Cooking Programs.

Ideas spanned exploring English language and cultural literacy through cooking to involving dietitians from local grocery stores to lead programs, and lots more.  

Examples of great programs and initiatives for small and rural libraries were abundant from the 12 speakers at the Big Talk for Small Libraries conference we recapped.   

This week we featured a program from The Brentwood Library (TN) – the Teen Exam Cram Week program was a big success, with hundreds of participating students (and dogs!). A great model for libraries considering such a program.

Our twice-monthly series The Social Library just spotlighted a literacy program for fourth-grade boys in Ohio, the DC Public Library’s new Memory Lab, exercise bikes in the Troy University Libraries (AL), and more.

If you have plenty of ideas but are struggling with how to manage and prioritize, check out the recap of Tuesday’s webinar Purposeful Innovation: Idea Management for Libraries.

Remember, if you missed the webinar, you can also watch the archived recording whenever it's convenient for you.

Big Talk (Ideas, Collaboration, Difference) from Small Libraries 2016

Good advice from the people (not ponies) of Pottsboro Area Public Library (TX) from this conference

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Program Idea: Teen Exam Cram Week

The Brentwood Library (TN) shares information and advice about Teen Exam Cram Week, a successful program that helped hundreds of teens study and relieve stress (puppies and pizza!) during a busy week of exams. Get all the details and how your library might hold a similar program.

Program Idea: Teen Exam Cram Week

Make New Ideas Routine: Purposeful Innovation Recap

This week Christa Werle of Sno-Isle Libraries (WA) presented the enlightening webinar Purposeful Innovation: Idea Management for Libraries. Werle outlined the need for building a collaborative, transparent framework to support workflows, change, ideas and community engagement in order to create a culture of purposeful innovation. Learn how to capture the ideas at your library and turn them into action in this webinar recap and archived presentation.

Make New Ideas Routine: Purposeful Innovation Recap

Just Another Day at the Desk: squirrels, ethics and consumer health info

Variety is the name of the game when it comes to the types of reference requests fielded in public libraries every day. Consumer health information requests are a common, though potentially sensitive, area of public library service. Health information is complex, constantly changing and, in some instances, conflicting. Read on for practical tools to help you manage consumer health information engagements with your patrons.

Just Another Day at the Desk


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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Supervisor Success: Development Programs That Work

As our profession transforms and our work changes, nurturing skillful and competent supervisors has become a priority for all types of libraries. Rising to the challenge, many people are creating and offering learning and development programs in their libraries. If you are interested in developing supervisor training programs for your library, get this one-day, free symposium on your calendar! This online event, consisting of three sessions (attend one or all), will bring together some of the most effective practices for supporting supervisor development. You’ll hear from a variety of different libraries about their programs so that you can begin thinking about offering your own. Get all the details about this special online symposium on the website.

1:00-4:30 pm Eastern Time


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Incubate Creativity at Your Library

The Library as Incubator Project (LAIP) promotes the library as a place to connect and create. LAIP has networked with hundreds of libraries who are working with their communities to incubate and inspire creative projects. They have talked with scores of artists, writers, makers, performers and other creatives about how they use their libraries and how their libraries can serve them even better. In this webinar, LAIP co-founder and editor Laura Damon-Moore (who is also the Community Engagement Librarian at Madison Public Library, WI) shares program and project ideas, resources and case studies to turn your library into a creativity incubator. Take the workable, scalable programming and resource framework from LAIP and become a hub for supporting creatives of all types and skill levels in your community.

3:00-4:00 pm Eastern Time


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