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Telling the Library Story
Resources for understanding why stories are powerful communicators and for learning to craft an effective story.

Core Library Value: Tools for telling it over and over
An article describing six tools or programs for library advocacy.

How to Tell Library Stories
An article by Chris Rippel exploring ways of telling the library story using examples from the library field and from the work of Robert McKee.

How Libraries Changed Lives: Librarians Telling Stories
Also by Chris Rippel, an introduction to "telling your library story" and a collection of stories of how libraries change lives and build community.

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Telling the Library Story
Archive and related resources for a webinar presented in 2012 by Jamie LaRue, focusing on turning the evidence of our daily patron encounters into short, compelling, and memorable messages that build support.

Organizational Storytelling for Librarians: Using Stories for Leadership, Community, and Advocacy
Archive and related resources for a webinar presented in 2012 by Kate Marek and Chris Rippel about the process of leading and managing through organizational storytelling.

Worth a Thousand Words: Library Snapshot Day
A webinar exploring ways to use Library Snapshot Day to grow an image collection that can help to tell your library story.

Other Resources

Telling the Library Story Tool Kit
The Telling the Library Story Tool Kit was jointly developed by the Iowa Library Service Areas and the State Library of Iowa to assist Iowa libraries in explaining and demonstrating the value of their services in order to increase use of and support for libraries.

Ways Libraries and Other Organizations are Collecting Stories

New York Public Library
Uses social media tools to connect with the community including NYPL’s Photo Booth

Geek the Library
As part of the Geek the Library campaign, the public is invited to share what they geek and why.

Libraries for Real Life
In Wisconsin, the South Central Library System invites patrons to share, read and watch stories.

What's Your Story
Washington-Centerville Public Library, Ohio, collects patron stories. See a video collection of some of the stories.

Libraries Changed My Life
Real life accounts from library patrons whose lives have been changed for the better by libraries.

PA Forward
A project of the Pennsylvania Library Association, collect patron stories.

TechSoup Global: Local Impact Map

StoryCorps @ Your Library