Collection Evaluation Workshop

"Collection Evaluation: Knowing What You Have and What You Need" is a PDE/Commonwealth Libraries workshop designed for school librarians to help them assess an existing library collection, develop an effective weeding plan, and set priorities to meet information needs of students and teachers. Act 48 hours are awarded to participants of the face-to-face, five-hour workshop which will be regionally offered throughout Pennsylvania.  The PowerPoint, handouts and other workshop resources are maintained at this site. In an effort to contain costs, workshop participants should download and/or print these resources prior to attending a face-to-face workshop. Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop or memory stick with these files to the face-to-face workshop. Contact Deb Kachel at concerning the workshop content and to obtain a list of trainers. Act 48 questions can be answered by Susan Pannebaker, Director, Bureau of Library Development, Commonwealth Libraries at or 717-214-4047.

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The 2010 CISSL New Jersey School Library Survey & Report

 Document / Last Modified: 26 January 2012

This is part 1 of a 2010 research study being conducted by the Rutgers research team under the direction of Dr. Ross Todd. They use collection data obtained from Follett's TitleWise reports to do a statewide collection analysis. Read pp.24-...