Family Literacy

Avon Lake Public Library
Grandma Reading a story at Avon Lake Public Library

Libraries foster partnership and collaboration to support family literacy. Librarians offer outreach to daycare centers, Head Starts and other child care providers to support the needs of at–risk children and their parents.

Libraries are instrumental in offering support in the following areas:

  • Reading Readiness/Modeling of Reading Skills
  • Lifelong Learning Environment
  • Community Support and Collaboration
  • Parenting Programs

The State Library of Ohio does not offer direct family literacy services. However, we are available to assist librarians in defining and implementing family literacy concepts and programs. Below you will find information on programs related to family fiteracy, and resources that may assist you in offering family literacy programming.

For more information on family literacy or funding for family literacy programs contact Janet Ingraham Dwyer, Library Consultant,

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Helping Books Helping Families

 Document / Last Modified: 20 February 2012

Helping Books Helping Families is a unique concept in book discussion and storytelling. It combines the best of both types of programs – the excitement of a good story with the stimulation of good discussion.