Ohio Summer Reading Program

Ohio Summer Reading Program
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Collaborative Summer Library Program theme for 2014?

This year’s SRP has an science theme.
The children’s and early literacy slogan is Fizz Boom Read.
The teen slogan is Spark a Reaction.
The adult slogan is Literary Elements.

The artist for the 2014 Children’s program is Dan Santat. A separate Early Literacy program also features Dan Santat artwork and the Fizz Boom Read theme. Dan is the illustrator of many books including Crankenstein by Samantha Berger, Oh No! (Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World) by Mac Barnett, and Because I'm Your Dad by Ahmet Zappa. In 2011, Dan published his first graphic novel, Sidekicks.

The Teen program features artwork by illustrator and portrait artist Tim O'Brien.  The Adult program theme features artwork by Larry Jones

Early Literacy
Fizz Boom Read
¡Pum, Paf, a Leer!

Fizz Boom Read
¡Pum, Paf, a Leer!

Spark a Reaction
Enciende una Reacción

Literary Elements
Elementos Literarios

What will be the Collaborative Summer Library Program themes for 2015 and 2016?

The 2015 SRP will have a heroes theme (think superheroes, historical heroes, community heroes).  This was one of the top themes suggested by Ohio librarians for 2015. The slogans will be:
Children's and early literacy programs: Every Hero Has a Story
Teen program: Unmask!
Adult program: Escape the Ordinary

The 2016 SRP will have a fitness/health/exercise/sports theme. Slogans for the 2016 theme will be selected at the CSLP annual meeting in April 2014.

Do I have to use these themes?

No. Public libraries in Ohio are not required to use the shared themes. You may opt to develop your own theme and to create your own materials.  You may also use an alternate provider of summer reading materials, such as iREAD, but your library is responsible for the cost of any alternate manual or other materials. 

You may use any statewide incentives (if available) and summer reading resources provided by the State Library and its partners, regardless of the theme of your SRP.

What do I have to do to use these themes?

Every public library in Ohio is a member of the Collaborative Summer Library Program and is eligible to use the shared themes and related materials if desired. Every public library receives a manual set, full of ideas and resources on the shared theme, annually in the fall.  These manual sets are provided to Ohio public libraries at no cost to the libraries. This service is supported in whole by Institute of Museum and Library Services LSTA funds granted through the State Library of Ohio. 

Any staff member at an Ohio public library may register with the Collaborative Summer Library Program to access additional resources online.

What is the Collaborative Summer Library Program?

The Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) is “a grassroots consortium of states working together to provide high-quality summer reading program materials for children at the lowest cost possible for their public libraries”. Read more about CSLP.

As an Ohio public library staff member, you may sign up for a free account on the CSLP website. This will let you participate in forums, access organizational information, and download resources including the online product catalog, graphics, signing videos, PSAs, and more.

This is the tenth year that the State Library of Ohio has been a member of CSLP. 46 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa and the Mariana Islands are members of CSLP. Additionally, libraries in California, Illinois, Minnesota, and Virginia are members in part.

When and where do the SRP workshops take place?

The four regional library systems are again offering SRP workshops for librarians to share ideas for programs, crafts, decorations, and more around the Fizz Boom Read theme. The workshop schedule is on the Ohio Summer Reading Program page and is updated as additional workshops are announced.

Where do I order theme prizes and incentives for 2014?

Upstart/Highsmith is the official provider of graphics, incentives, and other products for Fizz Boom Read, Spark a Reaction, and Literary Elements, using artwork from the program illustrators. Ordering information and pictures are available at http://www.cslpreads.org

Paper catalogs were distributed with the 2014 CSLP Manuals. If you need an additional paper catalog, contact Janet Ingraham Dwyer at jdwyer@library.ohio.gov.  All purchases from the Upstart incentive catalog are at the library’s discretion and are the responsibility of the library.

When planning your 2014 budget, please note that there is a change to shipping arrangements for Upstart incentive catalog purchases.  In the past, CSLP was able to offer free shipping on members’ purchases from the Upstart incentive catalog.  CSLP is phasing out the free shipping.  For the 2014 program, your shipping charge will be 11% of your order total, with a $6 minimum and a $50 maximum.  For larger orders requiring a truck shipment, there is an additional $50 charge for inside delivery. 

Where else may I order incentives for 2014?

       For summer reading incentives not affiliated with the CSLP, you may explore:  

JanWay Company’s Reading Programs site
Rivershore Reading Store
Folio - novelty bookmarks and reading supplies
Rhode Island Novelty
- Register as a "Wholesale Customer" to see tiered prices.  Catalogs and samples of items are available upon request. Simply e-mail Chris Molak at cmolak@rinovelty.com.
Dollar Tree and other dollar stores in your area.
Geddes School Supplies
Oriental Trading
U. S. Toy
Creative Product Source

This is not a comprehensive list! Please note that listing of a business in this FAQ does not constitute an endorsement by the State Library. Links are provided solely for the convenience of libraries.

Please see the 2014 CSLP manual for more ideas on incentives, including a sample letter for soliciting donations from local businesses.

What is the deadline for ordering materials from Upstart/Highsmith?

Place your order by December 1, 2013 for delivery by March 1, 2014.
Place your order by January 1, 2014 for delivery by April 1.
Place your order by March 1, 2014 for delivery by May 1.

Is the artwork available online?

Most of the artwork designed by Dan Santat, Tim O'Brien, and Larry Jones is available only on the CSLP manual DVD or CD-ROM. Approved logos and certain other images will be available on the “Proprietary Downloads” section of the CSLP website (login required). 

Please read the CSLP Rules of Use regarding use and distribution of the Summer Reading Program artwork: http://www.cslpreads.org/about/rules-of-use.html

May I use the artwork to make t–shirts or other products to sell to patrons?

No. The artwork is copyrighted and its use is guided by the CSLP Rules of Use. However, you may resell products purchased from the Upstart CSLP incentive catalog.  Such sales must be solely for the purpose of supporting the charitable or educational purpose.  Please read the CSLP Rules of Use regarding use and distribution of the Summer Reading Program artwork: http://www.cslpreads.org/about/rules-of-use.html

If you have any questions at all about the CSLP Rules of Use or use of the artwork, please contact Janet Ingraham Dwyer at 1–800–686–1532 or jdwyer@library.ohio.gov.

I work at a school.  How can I get a CSLP manual and participate?

Only public libraries are included in CSLP membership and have the rights and responsibilities of members, including use of the CSLP manual and artwork.  However, a public library may partner with a school or other organization, and the partner organization may use CSLP artwork on its promotional materials supporting the library summer reading program.  See the CSLP Rules of Use for “Third Parties” for details.

I did not receive a manual, or I need another copy. How can I obtain one?

The State Library of Ohio has extra manuals. To update your address, or if you did not receive a manual, contact Janet Ingraham Dwyer at 1–800–686–1532 or jdwyer@library.ohio.gov.


Updated 3/11/14