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Photo of some of the staff working at the State Library of Ohio

As a state partner with WebJunction, we are pleased to provide this one-stop environment for you to find both Ohio and nationwide library related content and learning resources. The WebJunction Ohio course catalog provides free and unlimited access to self-paced online courses to our members (requires a separate login to launch). Be sure to watch the WebJunction Events Calendar for the free WebJunction webinars available each month.

State Library of Ohio's administration and staff pictured above.

State Librarian Beverly Cain

State Librarian of Ohio Beverly Cain, Welcomes You

Library staff are expected to adapt very quickly to the rapid changes affecting the profession.  These changes include the tremendous growth of new knowledge, the introduction of new technologies, and the changing expectations of library patrons.  By participating in continuing education, library staff learn new skills and acquire knowledge to help them meet the challenges of working in a rapidly changing environment.

The State Library of Ohio is proud to partner with WebJunction to provide an array of online continuing education courses for Ohio library staff.  Library staff may participate in courses to improve technology skills, earn effective methods of interacting with library patrons, learn the art of library management, and much more.  We hope you will find these course offerings to be an asset to you, your library, and the community you serve.

WebJunction Ohio is brought to you by the State Library of Ohio and paid for in-part with federal IMLS LSTA funds.

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08 May 2014

Reference Services: Tried, True, and New

This webinar will explore both traditional and emerging approaches to library reference, addressing changing patron needs and with varied information resources and formats.

18 June 2014

Be Fearless: Public Speaking for Librarians

Join us for this webinar to learn some basic skills for preparing and delivering speeches, plus tips to manage your nervousness and make your library presentations more memorable.