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As a WebJunction member state Montana librarians have access to the entire WebJunction catalogue.  If you are interested in taking WebJunction course offerings, please apply to become a Montana sponsored member.  As a member you have free access to the self-paced courses.  

The Montana page also offers Webinar trainings for computer use sponsored by the BTOP project and valuable materials to help support your library’s personal computer center. The page highlights information about other state trainings and links to important state resources.


Montana State Librarian, Jennie Stapp, Welcomes You

The rapid pace of information and technology advancement impacts libraries and the patrons we serve every day.  To be a top-notch librarian, you have to do much more than provide the latest best seller; librarians are now called upon to...Read More




BTOP Is Proud to Offer WebJunction Montana

Through generous support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, Montana State Library Broadband Technologies Opportunities Program (BTOP) is proud to launch WebJunction Montana...Read More

Montana Library Human Impact Videos

Montana public libraries offer access to digital literacy training and technology, with helpful assistance from librarians. Montanans across the state are improving their lives, achieving their life-long learning goals, convening for community projects, and reconnecting with friends through public libraries.

The Montana State Library (MSL), with funding through the Broadband Technologies Opportunities Program (BTOP), has launched a series of videos to tell these local stories of how public libraries impact people’s lives and their communities. These videos feature stories from patrons and community members, ranging from getting assistance with social media to promote a new business - to helping parents compliment homeschooling curricula with technology workshops, learning games, and books.

Supporting our Communities Through Change and Challenge

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Bringing Technology to Montanans

Providing a Foundation for Businesses and Families


Fear Not the New Gadget

You have just gotten comfortable with the current models of e-readers and tablets that your patrons got for Christmas last year and have brought to the library in hopes of learning how to use them, only to realize that you will be faced with a whole new set of problems and questions this year because every company is offering a newer, prettier, faster device for the Christmas buying season. Fear not! The basics you struggled to learn last year still hold true. Knowing some basics will help you navigate each device, no matter the maker. Read full Article.

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08 May 2014

Reference Services: Tried, True, and New

This webinar will explore both traditional and emerging approaches to library reference, addressing changing patron needs and with varied information resources and formats.

18 June 2014

Be Fearless: Public Speaking for Librarians

Join us for this webinar to learn some basic skills for preparing and delivering speeches, plus tips to manage your nervousness and make your library presentations more memorable.