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The mission of the Minitex is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of participating libraries by expanding their access to local, state, regional, national and international information resources.

This is accomplished by promoting partnerships, effective delivery of needed information and by sharing library resources including collections and electronic resources, bibliographic records, and reference services through conventional, electronic, and innovative means. MINITEX pursues technological innovations to provide new opportunities for delivery of services.

The goal of the MINITEX staff is to facilitate resource-sharing activities of participating libraries by providing:

  • Access to electronic information resources through consortial purchase agreements;
  • A system for delivering and sharing information and resources among participating libraries;
  • Access to bibliographic records and technical support for cataloging services including identification of local holdings for all types of formats;
  • Maintenance of a union list of serials for the region;
  • Leadership and expertise to participating libraries and other public bodies to further interlibrary cooperation and innovation;
  • Forums for ongoing planning of interlibrary activities and cooperation with groups and agencies with similar goals and activities (e.g. state, regional, national, and international);
  • Training, continuing education, and professional development for library staff members relevant to the mission of MINITEX so libraries can serve their users more efficiently and effectively.

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