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Meet the WJIL Subject Curator for Resource Sharing

Meet Kate Boyle, our  WJIL Subject Curator for Resource Sharing. When asked what kind of tree she was by Barbara Walters, Kate replied “an Oak, of course”.  Kate Boyle, Resource Sharing Manager of the Metropolitan Library System would reply basically the same, but qualify it a bit – an Irish Oak.  Anyone personally acquainted with Kate knows she describes herself as sharing attributes with the oak  - of great age and having weathered many storms.  And what other kind of Oak could she be but an Irish one.  

Kate has spent all of her professional career, which covers a good number of decades, practicing Interlibrary Loan.  Beginning with the Suburban Library System and continuing her career with the Metropolitan Library System; Kate has actual experience verifying and locating materials in Mansell (those big green books of the pre-1956 National Union Catalog).  Today, she can be found instructing ILL staff throughout the library system on the wonders of all things ILL. Contact Kate if you have content that you would like to contribute to the following areas: ILL, LLSAPs, Non-Resident Cards, resource sharing Policies, and Reciprocal Borrowing.

Share and share alike

SHARE Illinois, I-Share, Statewide Illinois Library Catalog (SILC) - Illinois libraries know the value of extending their resources through sharing. In fact, according to the 2006 Interlibrary Loan Traffic Survey for Illinois, the total number of interlibrary loan items requested for that year was 2,436,740. Of that number, 91.9 percent were actually received - a fantastic fill rate.

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