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The articles posted here are authored by the law firm Klein, Thorpe & Jenkins, Ltd., which is an Illinois law firm with offices in the Civic Opera Building at 20 North Wacker Drive in Chicago and at 15010 S. Ravinia, Orland Park. The firm concentrates in the representation of local libraries, library districts and library systems, as well as other local governmental units.

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Legislative Update

 Document / Last Modified: 24 September 2013

Recent changes to the Public Construction Bond Act, Prevailing Wage Act, and the Local Government Professional Services Selection Act and how those changes affect public libraries.

Public Employees Are Not Entitled to Prevailing Wages

 Document / Last Modified: 14 June 2013

Recent amendments to and revisions of the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act have raised questions regarding whether library employees who perform functions covered by the Prevailing Wage Act must be paid prevailing wages when performing those functions.

Swearing In and Orientation of New Trustees

 Document / Last Modified: 25 April 2013

May is the month when new library trustees take their oaths of office and begin their duties. There are some differences between the requirements for trustees of local libraries and trustees of public library districts.

Sale of Used Library Materials Incurs Sales Tax Liability

 Document / Last Modified: 26 March 2013

As libraries update their collections and receive new books and other materials, many make room for these items by selling old, decommissioned library materials to the public, either directly or through nonprofit “Friends of the Library” groups.