WebJunction Illinois has been part of the online learning community of WebJunction.org since October 2007. Together, we are working to ensure that the library community have the resources they need to power relevant libraries.

The WebJunction Illinois project is managed by the Illinois State Library.  Funding for WebJunction Illinois has been awarded from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services to the Secretary of State/Illinois State Library under the provision of the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA).

WebJunction Illinois Membership Criteria

WebJunction Illinois is pleased to offer membership to the Illinois Library community, granting access to more than 400 self-paced online courses readily available in the WebJunction Course Catalog. Topics include library basics, software, customer service and more. WebJunction Illinois Membership is available to:

•    Employees, volunteers, and Library Trustees serving any Academic, Public, School, or Special Library

•    Library service organizations (Chicago Public Library System, Illinois Heartland Library System, Reaching
     Across Illinois Libraries System, Illinois State Library, and Illinois library associations)

•    Library science students, faculty, and staff members of library education programs in the state of Illinois

•    Retired Members

•    Illinois residents employed in a library-related organization and/or pursuing library science coursework in another state
•    Read the WJIL Eligibility Policy


The following handout are available to all interested parties and may be printed and shared for future use.