History of Congress

This section of the History & Genealogy module focuses on the history of the U.S. Congress and on Congressional actions.


Key Resources

  • Documents from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, 1774-1789
    This collection, from American Memory, contains documents relating to the workings of the Contential Congress and the creation of the Constitution.
  • How Our Laws are Made
    This guide from the Parliamentarian of the House of Representatives explains the steps from the discussion of the idea of a new type of legislation to the final form as a law of the United States. In this in-depth guide not only are there definitions of the different types of legislation (bill, resolutions, etc.), but also an explanation of the committee process and what is in the various committee reports.
  • THOMAS (Library of Congress)
    Thomas includes full text of laws, bills, the Congressional Record, and other information related to the daily workings of Congress.

Guides to Resources