Political Process

Resources in this submodule focus on the federal political process (not state or local). The political process includes the federal legislative process, the activities of the president and the executive branch of government, and the regulatory process.


Key Resources

  • GPO Access
  • U.S. President (Executive Branch)
  • U.S. Congress (Legislative Branch)

Guides to Resources

  • What you can find on GPO Access
  • What you can find on Thomas
  • Regulatory Process (implementing laws passed by Congress)

Resource Exercises

Contains sample activities for teaching lessons on the three branches of government.

The THOMAS scavenger hunt presents a series of questions with instructions for finding the answers. While hunting, the user develops and understanding of how THOMAS works and what information can be found in the THOMAS database.

See also

Printable maps of each district of the 110th Congress overlaid on top of State and county boundaries along with interstate and US highways, selected streams and water bodies, and major cities.

Includes lessons for grades K-12 on topics ranging from U.S. Government symbols to the election process.

  • The Office of the Clerk: Kids in the House

Students can learn about the activities of the Clerk and Congress, as well as explore the history of the U.S. House of Representatives, through this interactive site.

Introduces young citizens to the history and special traditions associated with the White House through photos, videos, quizzes and games.

This site uses materials from five Grolier Encyclopedias to examine Presidents, Vice Presidents, First Ladies and presidential candidates. Features include photos, videos, audio clips, historical websites, and quizzes.

Provides free multimedia resources for teaching civics and U.S. Government. Includes sections on the U.S. Constitution, the three branches of government, and political participation.

Based on The Words We Live By: Your Annotated Guide to the Constitutionby Linda R. Monk, this site provides access to the U.S. Constitution by keyword, topic or court case searches.