Free November Webinars for Library Staff

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With the change in seasons, and your patron learning habits settling in for the school year, there's no better time than now to set aside time for your own learning. November's list of free webinars includes learning in every area of library work, provided in an accessible format that can help you to connect with other practitioners in the field who are tackling the same problems you are, and innovating in new ways, sure to inspire. Remember that most of these offerings are recorded, so know you can revisit when you have the time. This list, provided by the Wyoming State Library, comes out every month and is regularly updated on the Free Training page, where you can also view the offerings by topic. This month's list covers 66 webinar events in 18 different topic areas.

For additional training, check out the WebJunction Catalog, free and open to library staff and volunteers everywhere.

Read on for 66 free webinars being offered for library staff and non-profits in the month of November.

November 1

What's New in the Census (Washington State Library)
Learn what's new on the census webpage and how to navigate census complexities to find necessary data.

Technology Overload: Unplug to Make Real Connections (InSync)
Today, we communicate faster, more often and with added pressure to respond immediately. Employees find themselves tethered 24/7 and distracted by the constant demands of multiple devices, social media and computer screens. With increasingly blurred lines between personal and work life, there is a yearning to get back to communication basics and away from technology. This workshop will help participants get back to basics.

Spring 2017 Adult Highlights from Workman Publishing Company: Food, Gardening, Lifestyle, and More! (BookList)
"Every book its reader" is a Ranganathan Law we live by at Workman Publishing Company. Algonquin Books brings you literary fiction and narrative nonfiction, Timber Press offers fascinating gardening references, and Workman, Storey, Artisan and The Experiment are experts in lifestyle, cookbooks, crafts and narrative science. We have it all, and we are excited to share a curated selection of adult titles from the Spring 2017 list with you! This is a free, one hour webinar moderated by Booklist's Editor for Collection Management and Library Outreach, Rebecca Vnuk.

STEAM, with an Emphasis on "A" (School Library Journal)
Among the hottest trends in education, STEAM has thus far focused predominantly on science, tech, engineering and math. We'll explore art, how it integrates with STEM, with advice from educator experts. Panelists: Shannon McClintock Miller-Teacher/Librarian, Consultant; Tim Needles-Art and Film Teacher, Smithtown High School, NY; Krystal Persaud-Director of Product Design, littleBits.

November 2

Work Your Dreams Using the Top Five Leadership Competencies (edWeb)
In this webinar, Linda McCulloch, Secretary of State of Montana, will discuss the power of self-belief, and how she overcame her fear of becoming an elected official. This webinar will benefit women and girls interested in growing their leadership abilities and maneuvering a field dominated by men. It will also provide tangible strategies to help women and girls navigate difficult situations and hard decisions while staying true to their principles.

Dataviz: The New Must-Have Skill for Managers (American Management Association)
Visual communication and data visualization are our most effective tools to help organizations and customers understand the ideas found in the increasingly massive volumes of data that govern our lives. The ability to create diagrams that tell stories and move people will help you better communicate ideas as well as impress and persuade your audience. We'll walk through a simple process to help you turn your ordinary charts into more effective ones that far surpass what you would normally create with your spreadsheet program.

PubMed for Librarians: Building and Refining Your Search (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
This is a synchronous online session that includes hands-on exercises. The class will focus on using some of the tools and features built into PubMed that are designed to help you search more effectively. We will explore the Filters Sidebar and Topic-Specific Queries. We will use History, tools in the NLM catalog and the Index to build searches and explore topics.

What's a Mission Statement Worth? (4Good)
Could your mission statement describe any of several other organizations that are similar to yours? Do you just haul it out once a year for your annual report and 990? Organizations that have page-long mission statements and think that any effort to review it would be just empty wordsmithing may want to join us for this webinar to see what a rigorously crafted mission statement can do for marketing, fundraising, stakeholder loyalty, strategy and managing change.

Making the Case for Early STEM Learning (TechSoup)
Join the Early Learning Lab and Julie Sweetland from the FrameWorks Institute to explore how to make a stronger case for early STEM experiences. A FrameWorks research into American public thinking revealed that people assume that science, technology, engineering and math are highly specialized areas of knowledge that aren't appropriate for young learners. In turn, this limits public support for the policies, funding and programs that can foster early learning in these vital areas. We'll discuss and explore proven, practical ways for early childhood advocates to talk about why and how early STEM matters.

6 Essentials for Teams that Work (Effectiveness Institute)
Learn what it takes to build your high-performance team. The strongest and most effective teams tap into and activate the strengths of every team member and build an environment rich with trust and respect.

Not Just for Kids: STEM Programs Your Adult Patrons Will Love (Programming Librarian)
Looking to add adult STEM programs to your offerings but aren't sure where to start? Join librarians from Princeton (NJ) Public Library and Phelps (NY) Community Memorial Library for tips on creating STEM programming that adults are sure to love.

Introduction to Fundraising Planning (GrantSpace)
Does your organization need help directing its fundraising efforts? Planning focuses your organization by setting fundraising priorities and helps give staff and board members a roadmap to success.

Building a 21st Century Library (School Library Journal)
Schools across the country are revising their goals, missions and strategic plans to ensure that they are preparing "future ready" graduates. The educational shift towards the digital age comes with its own set of challenges, from integrating district-wide information literacy to embracing a culture of new technology. The key is to take a constructive and collaborative approach that fosters accessibility and best practices. In this webinar, you will learn what several experts are doing to help schools build a 21st century library. Our panelists will explain that it's not enough to simply purchase digital assets—educators need professional development opportunities that concentrate on why students benefit from modern technology. They will also discuss how school librarians can leverage digital and print resources to become instructional and technological leaders, ultimately outfitting students with the skills they'll need to succeed in the digital future.

Virtual Learning Commons: Rethinking Your Library Website (American Association of School Librarians)
In this webinar, school librarians will learn how to take the concept of the physical Learning Commons and apply it to their virtual space. This webinar will provide viewers with an overview of the five elements of a virtual learning commons as outlined by David Loertscher and will show viewers ways to include these elements in their library website. This webinar will feature many free tools to integrate and embed in their existing webspace and help librarians move their library website from a one-way stream of information to a collaborative, interactive space.

November 3

Get the 'Silent Majority' Engaged and Giving at your Silent Auction (Nonprofit Hub)
So you're doing a silent auction? Beware the "Silent Majority." Those are the 70% that show up as mere seat fillers for corporate tables to enjoy the fruits of your labors. It's not that these people aren't willing to give; you just need to engage them to do so.

Nonprofit 911: 5 Ways Your Board Can Help with Year-End Fundraising (Network for Good)
Join us to learn how your board members can best help you fundraise during the year-end giving season—and how to get them excited about it. Believe it or not, your board members WANT to help—they just need a little guidance as to how they can use their time for the biggest impact.

Finding Historical Census Bureau Statistics (U. S. Census Bureau)
The Census Bureau has been releasing statistics describing the population of the United States since 1790. In this webinar, we'll discuss how and where to find many of the resources which contain those historical census statistics. We'll also cover the various formats the data has been released in since the first census. We're looking forward to this webinar and hope you'll join us! (Please keep in mind that this webinar won't be focused on individual census records—of particular interest to genealogists—but rather on summary statistics from the Census Bureau.)

Picture Books Galore! New Books for the Newest Readers (BookList)
Is there anything more formative than picture books for a child's love of reading? In this free, one-hour webinar you'll discover new titles from Candlewick Press, Sourcebooks, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Groundwood Books and NorthSouth Books that get children excited about reading. Moderated by Booklist Books for Youth senior editor, Sarah Hunter.

The WebJunction Experience: Find Your Learning Flow (WebJunction)
Find out how to make the most of the WebJunction experience from our very own online learning experts. WebJunction's live and recorded webinars, self-paced courses, articles and resources can all play a part in helping you meet your learning goals. Learn how to create a personal learning plan, set manageable goals and find your learning flow with all the tools WebJunction has to offer. During the hour, we'll tour the different ways to learn at WebJunction and explore how to unlock the advantages of each of these, setting you up for success in your continuing education pursuits. Whether you are new to WebJunction or are a seasoned learner wanting to delve deeper, join us for the WebJunction experience!

Libraries and the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) (Texas State Library and Archives Commission)
If a public library wants to use federal money to purchase services to enable internet access at the library (such as with the E-rate discount program) or to buy computers that will access the internet (such as with LSTA funds), it must comply with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Join Henry Stokes, the State E-rate Coordinator for libraries in Texas and a TSLAC technology consultant, to learn more about the requirements for CIPA. Find out what you need in place at your library to be compliant.

November 7

Accessibility Support Model: How a Large University Supports Diverse Learners Taking Online Courses (Educause)
In this session, we will share the University of Central Florida's Accessibility Support Model for online courses that was designed to provide a scalable and systematic approach to creating accessible online courses. This model consists of several strategies, one of which is educating faculty on how to apply Universal Design for Learning principles to the design of their online courses. We will also share the accommodations work flow that was implemented as part of this process and showcase strategies and resources that we have implemented to empower faculty to create accessible course materials and support diverse learning styles including just-in-time online resources as well as the Universal Design Online Content Inspection Tool (UDOIT).

November 8

Targeting the Librarian's Role in Research Services (Library Connect)
In this webinar, two librarians and a faculty expert in the area of impact will discuss specific examples and steps librarians can take to have a significant and recognizable contribution within the research lifecycle. As a librarian, by applying your specialized knowledge and skills to critical steps in the research lifecycle you create new value and a work paradigm as a partner in the process.

Lending Wi-Fi Hotspot Devices to Patrons (Texas State Library and Archives Commission)
A Wi-Fi hotspot is a device that allows patrons to access the library's internet well beyond the bounds of the library building. The Keller Public Library has learned a great deal about how to successfully circulate Wi-Fi hotspots since June 2016, when they became the first library in Texas to offer them. Rae Cheney, Library Services Manager, will share firsthand experience about how to offer this exciting new technology to your patrons. The presentation will be 30 minutes long, with 30 minutes free for question and answer to follow.

Serving Older Adults in a Changing World (WebJunction)
With longer life expectancy and increasing diversity, older adults are reinventing aging and changing perceptions of their demographic. It's time to rethink how our libraries serve this important and growing segment of our patron base. This webinar will focus on trends and impacts of the aging population, and will share creative strategies for library staff to meet the evolving needs of older adults in a changing world.

November 9

NCompass Live: Do Space: Omaha's Digital Library (Nebraska Library Commission)
Do Space is one year old this week! Join Executive Director Rebecca Stavick to learn more about this one-of-a-kind concept in Omaha, Nebraska: it's a community technology library, a digital workshop and an innovation playground filled with new opportunities to learn, grow, explore and create.

From Fear to Trust in the Library Organization (Georgia Library Association)
Every organization deals with situations related to trust and fear. However, some organizations are more open about these issues, while others are in deep denial. This presentation will begin with the context of how our research began: the trust issues encountered by the Kennesaw State University and Southern Polytechnic State University consolidation. The presentation will also describe how trust and fear are closely associated and how they impact the work environment.

Beyond Google - Another Look at Finding Government Information (Federal Depository Library Program)
This webinar will cover intermediate and advanced searching techniques, deep web search engines, and ways to find and use "hidden" resources. During the webinar, sample searches will be for statistics, born-digital and digitized historical publications.

Tabletop Games and 21st Century Skill Development (Infopeople)
Although commercial games are recreational, they also provide opportunities for informal learning. In fact, to play games players must use at least one 21st Century Skill, and often players use multiple skills. Join webinar presenter Lauren Hays as she highlights how you can use games in your library to foster skills such as creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration, vital to every library user needs.

Break the Cycle with Evidence-based Analytics and Selection (Library Journal)
This webinar will not only discuss how to improve decisions when purchasing new items, but also how to make existing collections work harder. Until recently, many libraries would respond to the high volume of dead items in their collections through weeding alone. Our panel will discuss the use of an evidence-based transfer process to move dead items to new locations where there is a proven demand, therefore offering an item every chance to circulate before it is removed from the collection.

November 10

Manager Onboarding: Setting New Leaders Up for Success (Training Magazine Network)
The worst thing organizations can do is hire or promote the most technically competent person to management and not set them up for success. Leadership and management development programs only achieve one piece of what managers need to accomplish organizational goals. The rest should be done with manager onboarding. Using the principles of career development and employee onboarding, HR can contribute to bottom-line results by helping managers successfully onboard in their new roles. Join us for a practical conversation about onboarding and giving managers the tools for success.

The Power of Personalization in Learning & Development (American Management Association)
Join us for this captivating panel session exploring the successes, failures and new directions in forms of personalization being applied in adult learning and development.

Database of the Month: and Veteran's Day (Wyoming State Library)
Join Chris Van Burgh as we explore the databases that inform us about wars, let us look into the lives of those in the armed forces, and explore what was happening in our state.

Millennials Schlemennials: What's REALLY Changing Today's Workplace Dynamics? (Training Industry)
Among the hot topics in the talent management and training industries today is the issue of millennials: How do we adjust our approaches to meet their needs? But how much of this topic really has anything to do with millennials? The truth is, traditional approaches were ineffective before the bulk of millennials arrived on the scene. We just weren't paying attention.

Resources of the US Geological Survey Library (USGS)
Emily Wild, Librarian and Physical Scientist at the Denver USGS Library, will share the wealth of earth science information resources available from the library. The resources include research reports, data sets, imagery, and alerts/warnings for geological hazards including earthquakes, landslides, volcanoes, floods, droughts and wildfires. The USGS is the science agency for the Department of the Interior, providing science and research about natural hazards, groundwater, environment health and the impact of climate change. Event Password: 1234

Project Outcome: Communicating Your Results (Public Library Association)
"Communicating Your Results" is the second in a series of three webinars designed to help library leaders and staff turn your Project Outcome results into action. This webinar builds upon a previous session about good practices for communicating about data; it will focus on turning survey results into compelling messages about a library's impact for internal and external audiences. This session will set up the final webinar about using Project Outcome data to support funding requests and grant proposals. Participants will also hear from other library leaders about their own experience and lessons learned from communicating about their Project Outcome survey results.

OSHA's Web Pages: A Wealth of Occupational Safety Information (Federal Depository Library Program)
In the webinar, participants will learn where Federal Government agency regulations come from. We will discuss the Occupational Health and Safety Administration's (OSHA's) regulatory role. We will also see how OSHA enhances their regulations with directives and interpretations. OSHA's A-Z list and search features to locate additional relevant occupational safety information will also be reviewed.

Bozarthzone! Holiday Stressbusters (InSync)
What should be a season of love and joy often turns instead to tiring weeks of overspending, overindulging, disappointment and STRESS! Join facilitator Jane Bozarth for a look at common causes of holiday stress and ways to combat them. Leave this fun, interactive session with an action plan for taking back the spirit of the season!

Teen Mental Illness 101 (Infopeople)
At the end of this webinar, participants will: learn methods to decrease the stigma around teen mental illness through education and real life stories; be familiar with tools for talking with teens who are struggling; and learn about opportunities to become a teen advocate.

High School Diplomas @ the Public Library (Library Journal)
Our panelists will share why they chose the program and what it's meant in terms of community partnerships, exposure, demonstrating outcomes, etc. They will also give insight into the day-to-day program operations, share best practices and tell a tale or two about how this program has benefitted the lives of their COHS students and graduates.

November 12

Makerspace Webinar (Colorado Association of School Libraries)
Want to learn more about Makerspaces and don't know how to start? Or, are you that "Maker Enthusiast" who is chomping at the bit to learn and share more? No matter your level, the Colorado Association of School Librarians (CASL) invites you to join us for a Maker Space webinar with special guest Colleen Graves. We hope you can attend this highly interactive learning session to learn how to meaningfully integrate maker into your school's culture and walk away with a few practical ideas for your school maker space!

November 14

Inviting Young Children to Explore Process Art (edWeb)
Join award-winning author and educator, MaryAnn F. Kohl, for a lively and entertaining discussion about process art and young children. MaryAnn will share true stories of how art influenced the lives of some amazing adults and children, and together we will learn helpful strategies for inspiring children to be creative and adventurous with art, both individually and in groups.

November 15

FREE virtual conference Planning and Digitizing Yesterday to Preserve it for Tomorrow November 15-16

FREE ALCTS e-Forum From Behind the Scenes to Front and Center: Social Media for Technical Services and Collection Development Librarians November 15-16

7 Steps to Deliver Better Customer Experiences (Harvard Business Review)
Using seven key steps, brand-building expert Denise Lee Yohn helps companies design and deliver dramatically improved experiences by using a customer experience architecture. This framework enables companies to deliver optimal experiences to different customer segments. To learn about a proven, practical tool for transforming your organization's customer experience, join Denise Lee Yohn and HBR on November 15.

Engaging Reluctant and Struggling Readers in Your Library (BookList)
Young people have so much more that draws their attention in other ways besides reading. However, reading is proven to be so important for young people's minds and there are ways we can break down these barriers to reach these readers so they grow to become life long readers. Join Booklist and Thorndike Press to discuss these issues. Help discover ways to reach and encourage all young readers with suggestions from Amy Seto Forrester (Denver Public Library).

Passing the Baton: Succession Planning in a Small Library (Texas State Library and Archives Commission)
What will happen in your library when you retire? Join us for a conversation with the Director and Assistant Director at the TLL Temple Memorial Library, and learn how Brenda and Justin are planning for the future in their library.

Active Shooter Procedures for Libraries (Infopeople)
Join North Dakota State Librarian Mary Soucie as she discusses what should be included in an active shooter procedure, including an emergency and disaster plan, communication plan, and evacuation plan. Additionally she will cover how to respond (run, hide, fight), and what you need to be aware of to prepare for this situation.

November 16

NCompass Live: Computer Networking for Librarians (Nebraska Library Commission)
Your computer network silently keeps your library running every day, but how much do you really know about it? Join Chris as he talks about how the network functions and the basic components that make it tick. We'll review routers, switches, firewalls, and how everything works together, plus some tips on what to do if there's a problem. Presented in a fun, accessible format, this session is introductory-level, and perfect for beginners.

Breezing Along with the RML (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
MCR Takes on reddit: The MCR coordinators love to share authoritative, free health information resources, and we decided to extend that love to the reddit discussion community. MCR decided to jump in and tackle questions posted to a few of the health-related communities. If you attend this session (and we hope you do), you will find out how we did, what communities got the most love from us, what resources were most helpful, and what we learned in the process.

The Secrets and Science of Great Performance Management (American Management Association)
Join us as these two industry leaders debate and discuss how, and if, companies should change their approach to managing performance. You'll learn the facts about the current trends, including what companies are really doing and whether there might be a fit for your firm.

Boost Donations with an Attitude of Gratitude (Nonprofit Hub)
Want to discover how to show gratitude in a way that knocks your donors' socks off and gets them to keep giving to your nonprofit? Begin by making your donors feel really, really good. Then help them remember that feeling by learning how to create a lasting warm glow. Join us to discover how to make donors feel truly valued and motivated to keep giving.

Creating a Development Plan (4Good)
In this webinar, we will discuss the reasons a development plan can help assure success in your fundraising efforts; how to involve your organization's leadership, both staff and volunteers, in the process; how to assure that the plan will be implemented; and how to evaluate success. Participants will be receive a template for creating their development plan and a learn how to ensure it gets implemented.

Measuring America Series: Accessing International Data (Federal Depository Library Program)
This webinar will help users in their search and navigation of the Census Bureau website and in locating international data. We will include visual examples, show you actual tools to locate and access the data, and share how these data can be used.

Fix It at the Library with DIY Repair Programs (TechSoup)
Making is all the rage. But what if you want to fix something that's broken? Repair programs are an opportunity to teach patrons new skills while fixing technology, electronics, clothing and other household items. These programs can be a great way to engage new community partners and volunteers and have proven successful in many libraries in the United States and Canada. Repair programs also help reduce waste by fixing items that would otherwise be thrown away. Come to this free webinar to learn how repair programs are being offered in public libraries. These examples will focus on Repair Cafés, which are part of an international network of community driven free programs.

Puff, Puff, Lend: Cannabis Culture and the Library (Colorado State Library)
Got weed? Of course not. But many of your customers do . . . and they have questions. Libraries across Colorado (and the US) find themselves at a distinct crossroads when it comes to legalized marijuana. This interactive webinar will help answer questions about the role your library can play in this new wild, wild west.

Promoting Literacy Developmentally Appropriately: The Administrator's Role (Early Childhood Investigations)
Ensuring your early childhood program offers powerful literacy experiences requires more than books, crayons and alphabet posters! It requires an understanding of literacy development and knowledge of specific practices that have been shown to foster literacy development in young children. Join Professor and acclaimed Author, Nell K. Duke in a riveting webinar to explore strategies to help you support teachers' classroom practices as they provide meaningful and developmentally appropriate literacy instruction and build the foundation for lifelong literacy learning.

LGBT Elder Population Health Awareness: Building Collections and Connections to Improve Health, Safety, and Well-being (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region (NN/LM PNR) is hosting free monthly web-based continuing education classes, presentations and talks with network members called PNR Rendezvous.

Building a Digital Collection (edWeb)
Digital collection development is integral to the "future ready" pledge. As the number of districts committing to personalizing instruction through digital learning grows, so does the demand for digital content. Join Michelle Luhtala and Andy Marcinek as they discuss what's new in digital collection development, including the #GoOpen initiative, and how to make all resources discoverable, accessible and usable for all learners.

Read Aloud for Middle Graders (American Association of School Librarians)
Recently, Tracey Hecht partnered with the New York Public Library to launch a read aloud program in fourth and fifth grade classes in NYC public schools. Using a novel she wrote with a cinematic vernacular that engages group dynamic, Tracey and the students explored characters' voices, narration and plot to contribute to the success of the book for listeners. Tracey and the students also looked at other writers who engage great read-aloud through their writing styles and narrative voice.

November 17

Your Customer-Centric Approach to Digital Transformation (GovLoop)
Join us for our online training as we discuss how government agencies can achieve this truly customer-centric digital transformation. Specifically, you'll learn: what a customer-centric digital approach means and why it matters; the four components of a great customer experience; steps for development that will help you get to where you need to be; and examples of agencies that have adopted this customer-centric approach and seen real benefits.

4 Simple Ways to Beef Up Your Library Marketing (Demco)
Every day, library marketers are engaged in a competitive battle to convince people to come to programs, check out items and cement the image of the library as a vital community center. But with decreasing budgets and increasing pressure on our time, the job is getting harder and library marketing feels less effective. Here are four easy, mostly free ways to support your library's strategic goals, reach current cardholders, and new audiences, increase circulation and improve brand awareness.

pyro-TECH: School Libraries, IGNITE! (Wyoming State Library)
Ever feel like the plethora of technology tools out there is overwhelming? Not enough time to sift through it all to find the useful apps and programs? Join Paige Bredenkamp as we explore tech tools that are useful in school libraries. Fill your arsenal with new tech tools and discover reliable go-to resources to find tools on your own.

November 18

A Plan for More Meaningful Work and Professional Fulfillment (American Libraries Live)
Join this webinar to find ways to make your work life more fulfilling.

November 30

NCompass Live: Reader of the Week (Nebraska Library Commission)
The session will describe the Morton-James Public Library's Reader of the Week initiative, begun in January 2016. Partnering with their local newspaper, library staff provided content for a weekly feature touted "Reader of the Week." The column included readers talking about what they read and why. The session will include commentary on how this feature has transformed their conversations with library users from mere transactions to engaged descriptions of what people are reading and want to read.

A Bakers Dozen of Cyber Secure Tips (Lyrasis)
November 30 is National Computer Security Day. Let's use today to ensure that your passwords are regularly updated, that your personal information is safe and secure, and that your systems are protected. In this one-hour session, learn 13 tips on keeping your computers safe with Blake Carver, LYRASIS Systems Administrator.

Introduction to Proposal Writing (GrantSpace)
Are you new to proposal writing or want a quick refresher? If so, you don't want to miss one of our most popular classes! Get an overview of how to write a standard project proposal to a foundation.

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