Edge Initiative Update

Kendra Morgan /

Back in December, we shared a bit about the Edge initiative which is a coalition of 13 organizations working together to create public access technology benchmarks for public libraries. The project is moving full-steam ahead and we’re excited to share some updates and developments.

Get your beta right here!

I will admit to being almost giddy about the fact that there is now a beta version of the benchmarks available on the Edge website. A lot of great feedback has already been collected from the field about the content, and in the coming weeks the coalition will ask for formal feedback on the beta benchmarks in the form of a survey - and we’ll be sure to post that request to the WebJunction audience. In the meantime, review the beta benchmarks, discuss them with your colleagues and see what you think.

Connect with Edge

If you want to stay in the know, you can continue to learn about the Edge initiative through these sources:

  1. Check out the Edge website
  2. Follow Edge on Twitter
  3. Visit the Facebook page and please click that “Like” button!

Learn more at ALA Annual

If you are coming to Anaheim for the ALA Annual Conference, please come to an Edge informational session and learn more about the project and provide input on the process.

When: Sunday, June 24th 10:30am – 12:00pm
Where: Anaheim Convention Center, Room 201B
More information: ALAConnect Conference Scheduler

That’s all for now – we’ll be back with more information soon!