Climbing Out From Under My Rock to Look at Pinterest

Sharon Streams /

I'll admit that I had not heard of Pinterest, the latest trend in online photo sharing, until a couple weeks before our webinar this month. My extremely brief investigation told me that Pinterest took the photo-sharing website concept (like Flickr) and added some new ways for users to organize and display their image collections. My colleague Jennifer collected some links about the tool and posted them to WebJunction in anticipation of the April 10 program.

After having lived through so many of these launches and trends in online media, I have learned that the most interesting part for me is to watch all the creative "ants" who descend upon a new web application, and work and play with it, poke at it, stretch it, until they discover whether they find it useful (or fun, or both). Then they share their discoveries and their ideas with the rest of us, who then just copy what they already figured out how to do.

There are plenty of these "ants" in the library field, and some of them are already doing all sort of cool things with Pinterest at their library. Check out the lengthy list of resources that are listed on the webinar archive page to find examples. For instance, this article from lists 20 ways (with examples for each) that libraries are using the tool, from pushing out information about new books, to soliciting program ideas from patrons, to promoting a reading pets program. (The article does also indicate that those of us who hadn't heard of Pinterest prior to March 22 were indeed living under a rock. Humph.)

If you are interested in discussing this and other Web 2.0 tools as they relate to Libraryland, I suggest you join our Social Media LinkedIn group, which is hosting some pretty lively discussion on the subject.