A Visitor From the Future

Sharon Streams /

For WebJunction webinars, we purposefully choose practitioners from the library world to present their own expertise based on their real-world experience in the library field. On May 16, however, we will be stepping away from that model to host professional futurist Garry Golden, who will be presenting on Libraries and the Era of the Learner. You can read a little about Garry's background on his blog here: http://www.garrygolden.net/about-garry/ You'll see there that he has done a lot of consulting about the future of energy, but that he also has spoken with library, museum, and other non-profit organizations. In fact, just this week Garry gave a talk at the Project Compass National Convenining held in Arlington, Virginia.

With Garry's broad focus on all the issues that impact society and industry as we delve into the 21st century, we expect his webinar presentation will help us understand the implications of a continually shifting environment. We will be challenged to view, reflect upon and respond to trends, issues, and current events, so that we are taking an active role in shaping our strategy in a way that takes best advantage of the shifting landscape. This way, we are not victims of change that we didn't see coming, but innovators who take the industry forward to meet changes as they arise.

I was checking out Garry's blog, and saw this post from a couple of years ago, that I think we can use to whet our appetite: http://www.garrygolden.net/2010/04/23/future_of_data_wisdom_web_30/
What I liked about it is that he uses the phrase "lifelong learning" and describes how the Web doesn't quite fill the bill yet; and that it includes a list of resources and video clips that shows his interest in collecting and sharing resources.

At this week's Project Compass convening, attendee Jim Baumer live-blogged Garry's presentation, which you can read here: http://jimbaumerexperience.com/gary-golden-professional-futurist/.