Tips & Tricks for Going Green

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There are many ways to create a more eco-friendly library. Cost effective "tips & tricks" simplify growing greener and produce a big impact. Here is a list of our favorites!

  • Upcycle discarded books by using them for a craft night program or create eye-catching displays.
  • Promote a “Bike/Walk to Work” day to staff and patrons alike. Partner with a local bike shop to provide a program about this sustainable form of transportation.
  • Start a blog at your library dedicated to green thinking, provide info about green events within the community and tips your patrons can use at home.
  • Turn off the lights in conference rooms, break rooms, and bathrooms when not in use. Post signs by light switches to remind users when they leave the room.
  • Have a reusable bag drive. Ask members of the community to donate extra reusable bags and totes. Provide donated bags for patrons and encourage them to use the bags each time they visit the library.
  • Hold a small scale recycling contest between different patron age groups.
  • Provide a t-shirt upcycle program. Ask patrons to bring in old t-shirts to upcycle into reusable bags, necklaces, and bracelets.
  • Put up a green bulletin board. Provide tips and tricks to patrons, and allow them to contribute by leaving out paper leaves and writing utensils.

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