Public Library Per Capita Grant Application is Now Available

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The Illinois State Library has announced that public libraries may now apply for FY2013 Illinois Public Library Per Capita and Equalization Aid Grants. Applications are available here. ISL has provided some quick tips to assist in the application process:

  • In order to complete the fillable PDF application, users will need Adobe 8.0 or higher.
  • While there is a Save feature on the application, it is recommended that you save the application to your desktop and work on it from there, hitting Save frequently to avoid the risk of losing your work.
  • When filling out the EAV calculations and budget pages, DO NOT use commas, only decimal points. For example, type 123456.78. The computer will insert the commas to read $123,456.78.
  • Be sure to TAB to subsequent lines on the EAV calculations and budget pages. This will enable the computer to do the calculation for you.
  • When completing the narrative sections, cutting and pasting from a Word document is acceptable. However, DO NOT use bullet points, symbols or characters, as these do not translate well in PDF.

Congratulations to Prospect Heights Public Library District for being the first public library to submit their completed application!