Grow Greener & Have Fun Too!

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Need some inspiration to make your library greener? Check out the following websites! You won’t just feel inspired, you’ll have a bit of fun too.  

  • Go Green @ Your Illinois Library: Tons of great ideas, instructions for making your own green toolbox, and case studies about successful green libraries make this website a must visit!
  • Green Library @ Inhabitat: This whole site is great for DIY ideas and all things green. The Green Library page highlights green libraries all over the world with drool worthy photographs.
  • Do the Green Thing: “Green Thing is a public service that inspires people to lead a greener life.” With creative graphics and a humorous blog, this is a great place to start thinking green.
  • enviroGadget: “Gadgets for the Eco-Warrior” This site provides eco-friendly gadgets for the geek in all of us.

What are some of your favorite green websites? Share them with our community on the discussion forums.


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