Illinois Library Delivery System Code Changes

WJIL Project Team /

The new codes are location based, rather than specific to  prior system designations. The new codes will be implemented in the ILDS label/manifest system, grouping all of the system codes at the bottom of the pull down menu. The paper ILDS label will also be updated and available on the ILDS website on May 1.

The new three-letter codes for system service centers (and the codes they replace) are:

New Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS) Codes:

XBR — Burr Ridge (formerly MLS)
XCV — Coal Valley (formerly PAC)
XEP  — East Peoria (formerly ALS)
XGV — Geneva (formerly DLS)
XRF —  Rockford (formerly PAR)
XSW — Shorewood (formerly PAS)
XWH —Wheeling (formerly NSL)

New Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS) Codes:

ZCA — Carterville (formerly SHL)
ZCH — Champaign (formerly LTL)
ZDE —  Decatur (formerly RPL)
ZED —  Edwardsville (formerly LCL)