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Your library's website is the digital doorway to all your services, resources, and programming. Find resources to help plan and design your website and recommendations for systems to host and manage your content. Understand principles of usability and accessibility and learn how to connect with your community using web 2.0 tools and applications.

Most Recently Added

WordPress for Library 2.0 and Beyond

 Webinar / Last Modified: 26 August 2014

Archive and associated resources for February 10, 2010, session with Joshua Dodson and Laura Slavin as part of the Technology Essentials 2010, online conference.

Creating a Web Presence for Every Library

 Webinar / Last Modified: 31 January 2014

Archive and associated resources for the April 14, 2011 webinar with Mike Teets and Willie Neumann on OCLC's Innovation Lab project, A Web Presence for Every Library.

5 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Patrons on the Web

 Document / Last Modified: 01 November 2013

David Lee King, Digital Branch & Services manager at Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, presents five ways to respond in the rare case of rude or inappropriate comments from patrons on your library's website.

Badging the Library, Part 1: What and Why

 News / Last Modified: 09 May 2013

This is the first post in a series talking about badges and what they mean for libraries. In this post, we'll focus on what badges are and why they might be important to libraries.

What is a badge?

Much like a scout badge, the badge...