Important News about TechAtlas (updated March 29, 2013)

For over 10 years, public libraries and non-profits used TechAtlas and TechAtlas for Libraries as a tool to aid in technology planning and hardware and software inventory management. However, it become clear, that TechAtlas had come to the end of its natural technology life cycle and effective March 29, 2013, the tools are no longer available.

Any organization that is interested in maintaining an inventory of hardware or software is encouraged to investigate Spiceworks, which is a freely available tool. Spiceworks currently has 2.3 million users and an active online, support community as well as technical support available to help users with the tools.

You can learn more about Spiceworks and review the training sessions here:  

Spiceworks also established a TechAtlas user group where users can post questions and get responses from the Spiceworks community and will also be monitored by TechAtlas staff to make sure that we get any issues resolved. Please feel free to join and follow the conversation on the Spiceworks site. Please click for instructions on joining the group.

For any organizations that used TechAtlas for technology planning, we will continue to update and maintain the technology planning resources on WebJunction.

Thank you for your support of TechAtlas over the years, we are looking forward to helping the team at Spiceworks build a vibrant community of non-profit and library users

Please feel free to contact our support desk at with any questions or concerns.

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