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This section on WebJunction is dedicated to helping libraries with all aspects of staff management. Whether you are working in a small library or large one, the chances are good that you have to deal with paid staff, volunteers, or outside consultants that work on special projects. Find a variety of resources including job description examples, resources on diversity in the workplace and tools for implementing mentoring opportunities for your staff.

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A Happy Hour for Library Staff Learning

 News / Last Modified: 01 November 2016

In February 2013, WebJunction hosted a webinar, Self-Directed Achievement: if you give library staff an hour, with Jami Carter and her team from the Tooele City Library in Utah. We have heard from a number of libraries that they have begun to use the...

Mentoring: Leadership as a Subversive Activity

 Document / Last Modified: 29 September 2016

This article explores how mentoring in libraries can serve to build leadership by integrating learning into the structure of our work and through the development of supportive relationships, and learning organizations.

Morale Issues in Your Library

 Webinar / Last Modified: 19 August 2016

Archive and associated resources for December 2, 2010, session with Lori Reed and Maurice Coleman as part of Serving the 21st Century Patron 2010, online conference.