Networking Public Computers


Effective networks—especially wireless networks—are critical to the smooth functioning and delivery of services for most libraries. Explore networking types, setting up internet addresses and ISPs, performance issues and networking troubleshooting and maintenance.

Most Recently Added

Client-Server Networks

 Document / Last Modified: 23 March 2012

An excellent choice for larger networks, the client-server model can accommodate your network's growth and increased security requirements.

Achieve Network Security

 Document / Last Modified: 23 March 2012

Simple techniques such as effective passwords, concise e-mail, and cookie management can go a long way toward keeping your computer safe from hackers and troublemakers.

Make Your Library a Wi-Fi Hotspot

 Document / Last Modified: 23 March 2012

An examination of the benefits of wireless computing, and a checklist of what you need to do to get it up and running in your library.