Innovation & Creativity


We find ourselves in the midst of exciting times, full of change and ripe with opportunity for innovation and creativity. As libraries embrace and nurture these opportunities in our communities, we find ourselves leading others and building supportive environments of inspiration. Learn how libraries model innovation and creativity and how communities are benefiting from new ideas everyday.

Most Recently Added

2016 Knight News Challenge on Libraries

 Webinar / Last Modified: 12 February 2016

This webinar will explore the future of libraries and potential ideas for the second Knight News Challenge on Libraries.

Knight News Challenge Wants to Support Your Big Ideas

 News / Last Modified: 11 February 2016

The Knight News Challenge on Libraries will launch on February 24, 2016, and offers applicants a share of more than $3 million for ideas centered on libraries as they transform to accommodate the evolving needs of their communities. The challenge is ...

Incubate Creativity at Your Library

 Webinar / Last Modified: 09 February 2016

In this webinar, Library as Incubator Project shares program and project ideas, resources and case studies to turn your library into a creativity incubator.

The Engaged and Embedded Library

 News / Last Modified: 27 January 2016

Civic engagement is not a new concept for libraries, which have long been active community hubs. However, in this age of library transformation, it is time to escalate the scale of community engagement. On one level, it is survival; it is also the na...

Great Ideas for Innovative Community Engagement

 News / Last Modified: 27 January 2016

A recent Huffington Post article tells of a Facebook experiment that spawned over 150 community-generated ideas on the future of Miami's libraries. Rebecca Fishman Lipsey and Francine Madera, in 100 Great Ideas for the Future of Libraries -- A Ne...