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We find ourselves in the midst of exciting times, full of change and ripe with opportunity for innovation and creativity. As libraries embrace and nurture these opportunities in our communities, we find ourselves leading others and building supportive environments of inspiration. Learn how libraries model innovation and creativity and how communities are benefiting from new ideas everyday.

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A World of Powerful Partnerships

 News / Last Modified: 20 August 2014

For libraries and communities, partnerships are like water, or oxygen, or carbon – the building blocks of life. A close look at successful library efforts almost always reveals a partnership of some kind, whether in Moldova, India, Ukraine, Vietnam, ...

Learning through Playful Exploration with Makerspaces

 News / Last Modified: 11 August 2014

Marshmallow engineering? Robotics? Punk knitting? These creative activities are all examples of recent makerspace events happening at libraries all over the country. Programs like these are all about building community and mixing traditional crafts w...

Small Library, Big Impact

 Webinar / Last Modified: 29 July 2014

Archive and associated resources for the February 23, 2011, webinar with Ioannis Trohopoulos and Amy Gipson on the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation's Access to Learning Award and the 2010 recipient, Veria Central Public Library, Greece.

Incubate leadership @ your library

 Webinar / Last Modified: 25 July 2014

A webinar exploring ways to incubate leadership within your library organization and in the broader community to support collaborative and continuous learning.