Community Relations

community relations

The library belongs to your community and the more they feel that sense of ownership, the more your community will know about your programming and services. From media relations to outreach campaigns, find resources and tips on maximizing your community relations to sustain your library. Help build connections with your community by joining local agency and organization boards or committees, bringing the library further out into your community.

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Resources for Library Training Success

 News / Last Modified: 02 April 2014

Modern libraries evolve with their customers, and that means keeping pace with new trends, techniques, and technologies. Library staff must keep their skills fresh, and are often called on to take a teaching role, not only in guiding customers to the...

Libraries Building Strong Community Partnerships

 News / Last Modified: 02 April 2014

As trusted centers of the community, libraries are in a unique position to attract potential partners, and to provide resources and benefits to organizations with common goals. In a time of diminishing funds and increasing demands, partnerships are e...

Strike While the Iron is Hot

 News / Last Modified: 01 April 2014

Do you want to better know what your community wants and needs? How you can help fill community voids? How you can become a creative catalyst in your community? And most of all how you ensure that community members see your library as a vital communi...

The Secrets of Survey Success

 News / Last Modified: 28 March 2014

Surveys are often the tool of choice when you want to determine how to meet the needs of your community or measure your library's impact. But do you know how to use the tool effectively? Choosing the right survey style for the situation and knowing w...