Community Relations

community relations

The library belongs to your community and the more they feel that sense of ownership, the more your community will know about your programming and services. From media relations to outreach campaigns, find resources and tips on maximizing your community relations to sustain your library. Help build connections with your community by joining local agency and organization boards or committees, bringing the library further out into your community.

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Most Recently Added

Research into practice: Latino Perception of Public Libraries

 Document / Last Modified: 17 August 2016

ALA 2009 presentation and associated resources on research exploring Latino perceptions of public libraries and their public-library use and on best practices for utilizing research to inform strategic planning, advocacy, and outreach.

How to Tell Library Stories

 Document / Last Modified: 17 August 2016

An article exploring ways of telling the library story using examples from the library field and from the work of Robert McKee.

Public Libraries Promote Health

 News / Last Modified: 15 August 2016

The recently published 2013 Digital Inclusion Survey Report reveals some key features about public libraries in USA and how they serve their communities. Funded by the IMLS (Institute of Museum and Library Services) and conducted by the American Libr...