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Libraries Build Community: from distribution to engagement

Archive and associated resources for November 16, 2010, webinar with Chrystie Hill, Helene Blowers and Nancy Dowd on libraries and community building.

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Libraries Build Community: from distribution to engagement

Originally presented November 16, 2010.

Some view the public library as a central purchasing and distribution center of books, movies, and music. Today, that content is increasingly digitized and consumed on gadgets carried in our homes, backpacks, purses and pockets. Distribution remains germane and yet, libraries are well positioned to extend beyond the limits of this role, to facilitate what John Seeley Brown and Paul Duguid called the social life of information. Social media technology presents libraries with new opportunities to enhance and extend the distribution model, to empower and engage patrons to build relevant and vibrant communities via the library. Moderator Chrystie Hill and presenters Helene Blowers and Nancy Dowd will engage you in a discussion of how public libraries build community with technologies and programs, new and old. Join us for this special webinar presented in collaboration with ALA TechSource.

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16 November 2010


2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time, North America [UTC -5]